RE/MAX Europe Trusts Nuki Digital Door Locks

We’ve all been there:

You have a showing on the other side of town, traffic is already backing up and you still need to pick up the keys to the property from your colleague. You’re committed to working around the customer’s schedule, but these key handovers can eat up some of the most productive time of your day. Fortunately, the tech world has come knocking with a solution.

Smart Locks at the European Convention

At last year’s European Convention reucon19 in Mallorca, the CX House showcased the cutting edge in electronic door locks with a preview from Nuki, an Austrian producer of smart digital door locks. Attendees could test the locks themselves and experience first-hand how they can save time and help with key management.

Opening the door to convenience

With the Nuki app, your smartphone functions as your digital key, so authorized real estate agents can access a property quickly, easily, and without having to hand over any keys.

What’s more, you can set it up so that Listing Agents do not need to participate in a showing - it can be done by a team member or an office assistant without any time-consuming hand-overs of keys. They simply receive an activation code for the Nuki Smart Lock for the booked period and can open the door of the property to visit by themselves.

But smart locks don’t just save time and hassle, they can also give you greater control. Wherever you are, you will always be able to see whether the door is actually locked, and you’ll also have records of who had access to the property and what time they accessed it.

‘Keyless’ for less cost

Currently, Nuki is offering smart locks for a reduced price. Visit their site to get yours, and unlock more time in your day!