Unlock your competitive egde

If your business goals for 2020 have slowed, you need to meet Travis Robertson!

It’s nearly spring, whatever the weather may say, so if you made plans to “go big” this year, it’s time to get moving! It’s easy to maintain motivation for goals at the beginning of the year when small changes make for big results. But a few months later, you’ve hit a plateau and nothing seems to move those numbers forward. That’s when it’s time to see an expert.

Bringing Growth to You

So we’re excited to bring on the of the industry’s leading experts on growth, Travis Robertson, to Europe to help you push your performance further than ever before. The company Travis founded, Don’t Settle Coaching, isn’t just an outstanding growth strategy company, it’s the fastest growing growth strategy company in the world. So it’s no wonder that tens of thousands of the highest producing agents have turned to Travis to transform their businesses.

And now you can too! In The Power Performance Tour, exclusively tailored for RE/MAX Europe, Travis will share his formula for business acceleration and teach you what it takes to grow your real estate business in a competitive market.

The Power Performance Tour with Travis Robertson

  • 21 April 2020 in Malta 
  • 23 & 24 April 2020 in Lisbon/Portugal 
  • 28 & 29 April 2020 in Bologna/Italy 

Put Growth on Fast-Forward

Don’t wait until later in the year to course-correct if you’re not meeting your goals. By then it may be too late. If you find you’re in a slump, try these tips now to get unstuck and back on track:

1. Refine Your Habits: Remember, we are what we repeatedly do, so take a close look at your habits to see if they’re aligned with your goals.

2. Work on Your Core: Just as building muscle is critical to your health, strengthening your skills in the core areas of your business will help you see growth.

3. Check Your Mindset: For a real growth mindset, make sure you’re focused on hard work, good strategies and getting input from experts in the field.

If your goals are to make more money, have more fun and create more freedom in your business, you won’t want to miss Travis Robertson. 

Further information regarding registration will be announced within the upcoming weeks - so stay tuned!