Cross the Decision-Making Finish Line!

Making decisions is hard – we all struggle with even the smallest choices we face, whether it’s what to make for dinner or what to watch on TV. But buying or selling a home is a huge decision and that makes it all the more complicated.

In this video, Michael Polzler outlines how you can guide customers through this crucial life chapter:

Decisions are Tough

Recognizing the decision-making challenge is the first step towards overcoming it. If we struggle to decide which movie we’re going to watch on Friday night, then we can’t expect people to snap their fingers and make the call instantly when buying or selling a home. When we place this decision in its proper place as a hugely consequential one, we’re better positioned to help customers find their way.

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People Need Help with the Big Stuff

While most people are equipped to make smaller daily decisions on their own (even if they don’t like to!) larger decisions can cause a unique kind of paralysis.

The consequence can be that no decision is made at all, and this is the part that can make or break a real estate deal. One of our jobs is to guide them towards the right decision and give them the courage to make it.

Trust in Your Expertise

As RE/MAX sales professionals, we’re not just invested in customers’ decisions but we’re experts who are qualified to help them do it. Customers may not know the ins and outs of every aspect of the process, but we do – and our years of training and experience is what we call upon to find the right path.

When facing a tough choice with a customer who’s not sure how to handle what comes next, here are some points we can touch on to help them cross that finish line.

1. Get to Know the Challenge

Although we see homes bought and sold every day as sales professionals, for many customers this one will be their first. There’s a lot to know and not a lot of time to learn it.

Jump into their shoes: Look at the enormous task ahead from their perspective, then ask them to talk through their concerns, goals, and hopes for the sale. By asking questions first, you’ll discover what you need to explain, and you’ll find all the ways you can help make this go smoothly.

2. Take it One Step at a Time

A big reason people freeze at decision time is a sense of being overwhelmed. “Buying a home” is the result of a series of smaller choices, not one big one, but by focusing on that end point it’s easy to seize up with indecision.

Try walking them through a smaller preliminary step – maybe a choice of neighborhood, school, or style of home. Go through the pros and cons and wind up at a decision. Then go to the next one. Before long, the final choice will be almost made by itself!   

3. Be Open to Change

People often don’t know exactly what they want and what their goals are at the start of a buying or selling process, but they’ll start to figure it out as they go.

Try not to see a “no” as a failure and more as a stepping stone to a later “yes.” A customer may come to learn they don’t like a particular feature, or they prefer another one, only after inching towards close on a home that doesn’t work for them. People’s minds change, but these are opportunities for us to close the right deal tomorrow, one that will give us satisfied, repeat customers down the line.