What is agent cooperation?

In our video series on agent cooperation, Michael Polzler, CEO of RE/MAX Europe, talks about the benefits of adopting a cooperative model – and how it will change our industry for the better.

You’ve certainly heard the term agent cooperation. But what is it exactly? How does it work, and more importantly, why do we need it?

Basically, agent cooperation is a model where one agent represents the seller and another agent represents the buyer. Both agents negotiate on behalf of their own client, and work together in the best interest of both parties.

The benefits are significant:

  • Listings get greater exposure and sell faster for a better price.
  • Sellers are happy because they get the best value.
  • Buyers are happy because they’ve got someone who is working with only their interests in mind – no agent working for both parties can offer that.
  • Agents are happy because properties spend less time on the market, which means more transactions in less time – and ultimately, more money!