10 Powerful Tips for a Great Listing Video

Listing videos not only help you sell your listings faster, but they can also help you attract future clients since audiences can see your marketing skills in action. To learn how to create a video that will connect with audiences and boost your brand, we turned to the expert: Jesse Peters from RE Video Studio.

Lights, camera, action!

Jesse is a master at creating listing videos that excite, engage and entertain viewers.

Together with Michael Thorne, he’s bringing his know-how to Europe for a special two-day, hands-on Video Boot Camp experience. The workshop will take place just before the European Convention from October 15-16 in Amsterdam. Have you got your tickets yet? Get them here: www.reucon18.eu

To give you a head-start before the boot camp, here are some of his tips to make your listing video a hit:

1.     Be yourself – right away

You only have a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention, so connect with viewers right away. Do that by showing off your true personality, which will not only make your video stand out, it will make viewers feel like they already know you and trust you, simply because they’ve seen you on camera.

2.     Use your name

Building your brand is nearly impossible if audiences don’t know your name – so tell them who you are! Even if this isn’t the home they’re looking for, you want viewers to remember your name and find you when they’re ready. Make it easier for them by introducing yourself right up front so they will associate your name with a voice they trust.

3.     Ask Yes or No questions

Simple questions addressing your viewers will draw them in and spark their curiosity. Try asking questions that you know viewers will want to say yes to, such as “Are you tired of paying rent?” or “Do you wish you had a shorter commute?” If you get them answering Yes now, this will make it easier for them to say Yes later on for the sale.

 4.     Lead viewers inside

Strengthen the trust you’re building with your audience by holding open the door to the listing and letting the camera go first. This way, the viewer has the feeling that you’re already a close friend. Best of all, they get to virtually experience the kind of attention they’ll receive when they work with you directly! 

 5.     Add the human touch

Anyone can look up a listing to find out the features of the house. Go beyond the search engine bots to show off the aspects that only a real person can appreciate. Is that extra bedroom perfect for a baby on the way? Does the garden provide the right backdrop for summer barbecues? Bring the space to life and sell the lifestyle they could have in that home.

 6.     Let the camera walk around

Next, turn the tour over to the camera and let your videographer walk through the space. This helps keeps the video engaging for audiences and makes them excited to see what’s around the corner. Audiences will get a sense of the movement through the space, and explore the house for themselves – just as they would in a real-life walkthrough.

 7.     Show off the neighborhood

Unless your listing is an actual island, that home is going to be connected to a neighborhood with its own amenities that can make the sale. So give your audience a glimpse of the surrounding community and show off its unique features. Are there parks and bicycle paths? Is there a great café right around the corner? Showcase local businesses – those entrepreneurs will appreciate your support as well!

 8.     Get back in front of the camera

Close out your video by giving viewers another chance to remember your face. Highlight the features your audience has just seen, and end with more of those Yes or No questions. Try questions like, “Wouldn’t you love waking up to that view?” or “Can you imagine the fun your kids will have with this much space?”

 9.     Show the call-to-action

Make sure your viewers know just what to do at the end of the video, whether it’s “Give us a call!” or “Click on the link.” Then, point to the spot on the screen where they will actually see the info they need to reach you. You don’t want your viewers to have to look away from the video to find the information somewhere in the video’s caption, so edit your video to include your contact details right on the video itself.

 10.  Ask audiences to share

You’ll lose every opportunity that you don’t take advantage of, so ask your viewers to share your video with someone they think might be interested. Not only will this get the listing seen by a whole new audience, but this will also show you off to a new audience as well. And when your video is shared by a friend, you’ll benefit from an amazing level of trust and end up with an even stronger contact.

Try out these tips for your next video and give your audience a name and face they can remember – not to mention an engaging peek into the listing. Then, if you’re ready to take your video skills to the next level, join Jesse in person at the Video Boot Camp event in Amsterdam!