Digital Deep Dive - Behind the scenes with Instagram

It’s easy to get started with Instagram. The user interface is intuitive and simple to manage on the go, and because it’s focused on visual content, it doesn’t overwhelm you with a lot of distracting features.

However, like other social media platforms, trying to make sense of why your content appears – or doesn’t appear – in your followers’ Instagram feed can be a real puzzle. So we asked our Digital Strategy Manager Alex Längauer here at RE/MAX Europe to give us an in-depth look at Instagram from his technical point of view.

Read on to learn more about the social media platform’s demographics and algorithms, and how you can attract a bigger audience by delivering high-performing posts – every time.


1) Connect with millennials

Instagram is the best network to reach younger generations, since those users are abandoning Facebook more and more frequently. So if you want to build a relationship with the homebuyers of tomorrow, this is your perfect tool.

  • 71% of Instagram users are under the age of 35
  • 80% of the users on Instagram belong to Generation Z or Millennials
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2) Get more engagement

One unique difference about Instagram is that it is all about engagement. So while other platforms may provide opportunities to sell, generate leads or recruit, Instagram is ideal for building a community around your brand and reputation.

  • Engagement is 4 to 12 times higher on Instagram than on any other social network
  • The network algorithm rewards high engagement, punishes low engagement

3) 3 ways to create content that wins

With over 85 million photos and videos shared each day, there is a lot of competition for your audience. But analyzing the most successful Instagram accounts for real estate reveal the three main categories that draw audiences and drive interaction:

Make it personal

Instagram is the best way to capture personal moments, and audiences respond well to posts that give them a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the life of a real estate agent. Fun and entertaining content does especially well – such as leisure activities, sports or food – and anything that humanizes your brand and makes you seem approachable.

✅ Give them the big picture

Imagery is your most powerful tool on Instagram, with beautiful photography always performing well. But big ideas go far on the platform as well, and posts with inspirational quotes or text that motivates and encourages audiences often earn the most likes from followers.

Let people participate

To get potential customers to follow you online, give them a reason to connect with you. Hosting “like to win” promotions gives your audience an easy way to participate, and contests that ask users to post photos or videos contests can deepen the emotional connection customers have with your brand.

3 reasons you’ll drive audiences away:

Of course, no one gets it right the first time and there are common stumbling blocks on the way to social media success. Developing a strategy that works for you can take time, but if you’re focusing too much on numbers and analytics, you may be making some of the biggest Instagram mistakes, without even realizing it:

❌ If you’re boring

Posting bad photos and repetitive or irrelevant content is a sure-fire way to lose your audience. Remember: Instagram is at its best when your content evokes an emotion or provokes a reaction, so make sure that you have something worth saying – not to mention worth showing.

❌ If you’re inconsistent

There’s no perfect number of posts per week that will guarantee you results. Too often, and you come across as spam. Too sporadic and your audience can feel neglected. Instead, aim for a reliable schedule, so your audience knows when they can expect to hear from you. Even if you can’t commit to daily posts, create a regular plan and stick to it.

 If you’re not authentic

You may feel pressure to show perfection in your posts, but posts that show the real person behind the profile make for more engaging content. Users are turned off by posts that are overly emotional or obviously fishing for compliments – as well as by accounts that ignore engagement. Remember: It’s not about you – it’s about providing value to your audience.