23 February 2018 Astrid Schlager

08 February 2018 Astrid Schlager

Networking, events, presentations and negotiations – the life of a Franchise Sales Consultant is diverse and exciting.

02 February 2018 Astrid Schlager

RE/MAX brings international real estate coach Richard Robbins to Europe

01 February 2018 Astrid Schlager

So, you would like to grow your brand awareness? But you are not sure how to create a positive image in the minds of your target group? Or maybe, you need a bigger audience, but don’t know where to start?

25 January 2018 Astrid Schlager

Are you having trouble when you think of creating brand awareness for a younger target group? You know the importance of creating a relevant brand image in the minds of the next generation of property buyers and sellers, but you don’t know where or how to begin?

19 January 2018 Astrid Schlager

Once again RE/MAX is the #1 in real estate franchise

05 January 2018 Astrid Schlager

Online lead generation was never as easy as today. With Facebook and other social media tools you have the possibility to get the attention of a huge amount of people without paying a lot of money.

05 January 2018 Astrid Schlager

Most businesses with no plan fail. Set your goals which are driving your business forward. Getting to those goals can only be accomplished if you have a plan to get there. Focus on your plan, work on that plan and use this plan to achieve your goals.

19 December 2017 Astrid Schlager

Are you expecting a lot from the people around you? 

11 December 2017 Astrid Schlager

You would like to rank higher up on Google with your real estate business? Achieve better search results? The following seven simple steps will help you achieve that goal! And best of all: you’ll be able to implement them in practice straight away.

07 December 2017 Marion Zabini

The RE/MAX Europe Fast Facts for November are in with some great new numbers!

30 November 2017 Astrid Schlager

Self-employment, being your own boss – it’s a big part of working in the real estate industry.