27 March 2020 Marketing REMAX Europe

While working from home certainly has its perks, being cooped up inside – not to mention the added stress of the current situation – means that we have to take extra care of ourselves.

27 March 2020 Marketing REMAX Europe

When you’re running a business, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day needs and forget that you’re leading a group of people who look to you for guidance. But as a leader, all eyes are on you.

23 March 2020 Marion Pfeffer

Now that COVID-19 has as many people as possible working from home, our days have lost a lot of structure that we used to rely on to be productive. If you’ve never worked from home before, you may be finding it difficult to switch into work mode so close to the sofa. And even if you do regularly work from a home office, just having the kids at home may make it feel like a lazy weekend instead of a productive workday.

23 March 2020 Marketing REMAX Europe

My father taught me from when I was very young not to worry. Why? Simply because most of the things that we worry about don't come true.

23 March 2020 Alexander Längauer

Welcome to the 7th edition of the Digital Deep Dive. This is a special edition due to the current situation with the Coronavirus. It was originally planned, to write a best practice article about the high performance of one of RE/MAX Europe’s top regions. However, after all the things that have happened during the last couple of weeks it is clear that more important issues must be addressed.

23 March 2020 Marketing REMAX Europe

COVID-19 has made it neccesary for many countries across Europe to go into complete lockdown until the current situation is under control. Normal business practices have gone out of the window, and now is not the time to seek a competitive edge. We believe just because you’re under lockdown, does not mean you have to be locked out from potentially business saving information or a network that cares. Access the resources >>

19 March 2020 Marketing REMAX Europe

Most brokers and agents are now used to the idea of supporting their day to day activities with digital tools and have systems set up to do so. However, not all offices will have clearly defined channels of digital communication within their teams beyond emails or phone calls and even fewer will have foreseen the 100% digital situation in which we now find ourselves.

17 March 2020 Marketing REMAX Europe

There are multiple ways you can carry on servicing the needs of your clients whilst being forced to work from a remote location. Read on to find out how you can continue to provide excellent customer experience to your buyers, sellers and your community as a whole during these difficult times.

16 March 2020 Marketing REMAX Europe

12 March 2020 Marion Pfeffer

New Month, new Fast Facts! Check out the new figures of RE/MAX Europe! 

10 March 2020 Marketing REMAX Europe

While homeowners can make changes to the external and internal appearance of a house, other characteristics are not in the homeowner’s control.

05 March 2020 Marion Pfeffer

If your business goals for 2020 have slowed, you need to meet Travis Robertson! It’s nearly spring, whatever the weather may say, so if you made plans to “go big” this year, it’s time to get moving! It’s easy to maintain motivation for goals at the beginning of the year when small changes make for big results. But a few months later, you’ve hit a plateau and nothing seems to move those numbers forward. That’s when it’s time to see an expert.