21 June 2018 Astrid Schlager

What do you get when you cross fresh ideas with amazing interactions? The 2018 RE/MAX European Convention: XChange. Get your tickets for the CONVENTION and the VIDEO BOOT CAMP now!

04 June 2018 Astrid Schlager

Intensity. Driving yourself. Pushing yourself forward. We hear a lot of people talking about achieving a work-life balance. But the fact is, if you are passionate and driven, at certain points in your life you will lose this balance every once in a while.

28 May 2018 Astrid Schlager

This is a key component you need to build a successful business. Many leaders believe they can reach success simply by inspiring people to be motivated and that the rest will follow on its own. But there is one important thing missing - accountability...

14 May 2018 Astrid Schlager

Studies have shown that consumers trust recommendations 6.5 times more than traditional advertising.

14 May 2018 Astrid Schlager

Video is one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools out there.

18 April 2018 Astrid Schlager

The world is getting smaller and with it we see trends and lifestyle choices expanding across country borders. In addition to following trends, we need to consider the difference in lifestyle choices and buying patterns across generations.

10 April 2018 Astrid Schlager

More content is being produced than ever before to meet the demands of media-savvy, connected audiences. Yet with such a variety of platforms and channels, it can be easy for advertisers to feel like their messages are lost in a swamp of information. That’s where native advertising can succeed. It’s one of the best ways that digital advertisers can provide audiences with valuable content while getting to the connections needed for better returns.

26 March 2018 Astrid Schlager

In a constantly changing world, it sometimes feels difficult to keep up. But changes are rarely immediate. We need to remember that the little things we do add up to larger things. So if we fall behind on our goals from time to time, the important thing is to pick ourselves up and keep moving forward. One setback isn’t final. All you need is a bit of motivation and to allow yourself the opportunity to build up to your goal.

22 March 2018 Astrid Schlager

People like to believe they are independent thinkers and innovators. However, experience shows it is much easier to be told what to do and simply follow through.

05 March 2018 Astrid Schlager

Leading Global Real Estate Franchisor Ranked 12th among All Franchises

01 March 2018 Astrid Schlager

WordPress is the most popular website builder in the world, with around 30% of websites with the most traffic running the system. And while it’s true that WordPress started out as a blogging tool, it has evolved into a complete content management system used by everyone from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

23 February 2018 Astrid Schlager

If you are in business by yourself, make sure you know your competitors. No matter if it is on the local level or international, no matter which industry you are in. Analyze your competitors!