06 December 2018 Marion Zabini

Our latest Fast Facts are in with some great news - check it out! 

09 November 2018 Marion Zabini

Check out the latest facts and figures in the current edition of the RE/MAX Europe Fast Facts.

11 October 2018 Marion Zabini

The RE/MAX Europe Fast Facts for September are in with the latest facts and figures.

17 August 2018 Astrid Schlager

Listing videos not only help you sell your listings faster, but they can also help you attract future clients since audiences can see your marketing skills in action. To learn how to create a video that will connect with audiences and boost your brand, we turned to the expert: Jesse Peters from RE Video Studio.

24 July 2018 Astrid Schlager

We all know how true it is that we go so much further when we go together as one. The past two years have demonstrated this principle a hundred times over, as we’ve seen our brand grow and strengthen to bring RE/MAX Europe closer together.

12 July 2018 Astrid Schlager

Are you prepared to do what it takes to disrupt the real estate industry? Change is not always easy. As industry leaders it is our role and responsibility to push boundaries and reimagine a new way of doing business.