11 December 2019 Marion Pfeffer

New Month, new Fast Facts! Check out the new figures of RE/MAX Europe! 

20 November 2019 Marion Pfeffer

Our Tech Guru Alexander Laengauer attended the Web Summit in Lisbon last week.  With over 70,000 visitors from more than 150 countries, the Web Summit is one of the biggest and most influential tech events in the world. It brings together more than 11,000 CEOs and representatives from 2,500 startups. And with 1,200 speakers on 10 stages, Alexander gathered many cutting-edge ideas about the tech and tools that will shape the real estate industry. Read on for Part 1 of his key takeaways:

17 November 2019 Marion Pfeffer

We all cross paths with real estate at many points in our lives, whether we’re buying, selling, or renting. But the day-to-day experience is so much more than what we see on closing day or when we sign that lease. Real estate Agents are true entrepreneurs who manage their own customer service, marketing and sales. If you’ve ever spent time at work thinking you want more, then this might be the path for you. Here are some of the best reasons to take the plunge!

17 November 2019 Marion Pfeffer

Attending an event can be a whirlwind of experiences and information. You’ve met new colleagues and learned new tips and techniques to take your farther. But it will all be wasted if you return home and fall back into the same old routine. That’s why it’s important to follow up in a variety of ways in the immediate days after the event in order to make the most of your new knowledge and experiences. So grab your notes and all the business cards you collected, and learn how to make that event pay off for you right away.

13 November 2019 Marion Pfeffer

New Month, new Fast Facts! Check out the new figures of RE/MAX Europe! 

12 November 2019 Marion Pfeffer

A big part of success is repeating past successes, but this is also an easy way to find your business stuck in a rut. As much as we talk about innovation every day, we don’t always take the time to generate new ideas. In this video, Michael Polzler and Manuel Alvarez from RE/MAX Portugal discuss the benefits of an immersive brainstorm session:

08 November 2019 Marion Pfeffer

31 October 2019 Marion Pfeffer

Change is happening across all industries and the speed at which it is taking place is rapidly increasing. We see many of the changes dramatically disrupting industries that were previously stable. The main cause of all this disruption? Opportunities for better customer experience. The modern consumer no longer accepts business as usual. Instead, they will spend their money on products or services that offer them fast and simple service, while providing a unique experience.  

23 October 2019 Marion Pfeffer

Accountability is the key ingredient to any business; when you embrace it you get concrete results that make a real difference to the bottom line. Expecting results is quite different from getting results, and the difference is accountability. When people are held accountable for their work rather than simply having it assigned, they are much more likely to get it done. In this video, Michael Polzler explains the difference and how accountability can be the secret to your business growth:

11 October 2019 Marion Pfeffer

New Month, new Fast Facts! Check out the new figures of RE/MAX Europe! 

09 October 2019 Marion Pfeffer