18 February 2020 Marketing REMAX Europe

There’s getting your listing online, and then there’s getting your listing everywhere online. Most searches for the perfect home now begin in the digital world. It may once have been enough to simply post a listing on a forum and hope for the best, but times have changed. There are now numerous free or affordable tools to get your listing in front of thousands of people using innovative and creative ways. Here are just five of them:

14 February 2020 Marketing REMAX Europe

It's one of the most challenging parts of a realtor’s job. The home will be full of sentimental value, and the situation is likely to be very emotionally charged.

13 February 2020 Marion Pfeffer

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11 February 2020 Marketing REMAX Europe

31 January 2020 Marion Pfeffer

30 January 2020 Marion Pfeffer

As customer behavior has changed dramatically in recent years, so have our priorities in business. Having a user-friendly website with good SEO and relevant content is no longer an option, it is an absolute necessity to attract leads to your website. But how do you know whether your website is appealing to changing customer needs? First you need to understand what makes each generation tick.

20 January 2020 Marion Pfeffer

Every house, from the most luxurious beach side residence to the average suburban semi-detached deserves the time and attention of a marketing plan which shows off (but does not over-promise) the property. A seller must be prepared to take the time to create a well-rounded marketing plan which considers both on and offline activites, and cuts through the noise. By following these five steps you will be well on your way to standing out from the crowd and getting your phone ringing.

17 January 2020 Marketing REMAX Europe

25,000 Agents in Europe!

16 January 2020 Marion Pfeffer

New Month, new Fast Facts! Check out the new figures of RE/MAX Europe! 

02 January 2020 Marion Pfeffer

The Web Summit is one of the biggest and most influential tech events in the world, and our tech guru Alexander Laengauer came back with exciting ideas about tech that you can put into practice to change the way you do business. In Part 1, he looked at how digital solutions are putting emotions back into business. Now for Part 2, he’ll share what experts say will be the biggest challenges for mobile marketing in 2020, and how to overcome them.

20 December 2019 Marketing REMAX Europe

The year draws to a close and our focus naturally starts to shift towards a rest and next year. Here are five signs you're ready for a Christmas break!

11 December 2019 Marion Pfeffer

New Month, new Fast Facts! Check out the new figures of RE/MAX Europe!