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And nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX. Make sure you get the best possible price for your home in the fastest time with the world's most recognizable real estate brand. We've done this a thousand times!

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  • Choose the right agent

    Your local RE/MAX Agent is here to help. Partner with an experienced professional who can: 

    - Provide an objective valuation
    - Tap into a network of buyers locally and globally
    - Prepare a tailored marketing plan for your home
    - Handle the entire selling process 

     Learn how a RE/MAX Agent can be your one-stop-shop when selling.

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  • Assess your market value and set the right price

    Your RE/MAX Agent will conduct an objective analysis of your local market history – such as recent data on the cost per square meter of similar homes, number of days on the market and sale price history – to determine the correct value and get the best price for your home.

  • Prepare your home for sale

    Making the right repairs and improvements before you begin to advertise will pay off with a higher sale price. From suggesting strategic repairs to staging professional-quality photos, RE/MAX Agents have the expertise to show off your property for the highest and fastest possible sale.

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  • Your home is on the market

    Your RE/MAX Agent uses innovative marketing methods such as targeted advertising and virtual tours to generate maximum interest in your home. RE/MAX are in a unique position to connect with a global network of 29,000 agents in over 40 countries, meaning more potential buyers both locally and globally.

  • Closing the deal

    RE/MAX Agents have the skills and experience needed to sell your property and protect you from unwanted delays to your deal. Nobody sells more property than RE/MAX. We know how to avoid the pitfalls and let you focus on moving.

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  • Moving day

    RE/MAX Agents pride themselves on providing end-to-end customer service. If you need assistance on moving day, your RE/MAX Agent can provide recommendations for haulers and tradespeople to help you. And don’t be surprised if your agent gets in touch afterwards to see how you’re settling in!

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