Real estate market key facts:

  • Due to the drop in currency the housing market is attractively priced
  • Large increase of foreign buyers, particularly from Gulf regions
  • Numbers of new homes rise in Ankara, Izmir and Istanbul
  • The rising Turkish middle class have gained access to mortgages for the first time
Remax Europe
Remax Europe

RE/MAX Turkey at a glance:

RE/MAX Turkey has been number one in the Turkish real estate industry for the past 15 years and continues to dominate the market share. Now with more than 3,331 associates, the RE/MAX brand has been operating in Turkey since 1997 and offers great opportunities for those wanting to start a new business in the region.

Other useful information about this region:

  • 82 million people
  • House prices are plunging
  • Landlord and tenant laws are pro-tenant
  • Transaction costs are low
  • No capital gains tax on holding periods longer than 5 years

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