Real estate market key facts:

  • Finland has low interest rates and improving economic conditions
  • Foreigners no longer need a permit to buy a second property in Finland
  • Buying costs are low and employment is good
Remax Europe
Remax Europe

RE/MAX Finland at a glance:

Operations in Finland began in 2006 and since then have grown every year. RE/MAX Finland serves more than 30 offices in 15 locations. Their brokers are united by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and extensive local knowledge and experience. RE/MAX Finland always provides clients with their own personal broker, who is responsible for the smooth running of the partnership from start to finish in the sale, purchase or rental process. RE/MAX Finland now has around 400 associates working in the region.

Other useful information about this region:

  • 5.51 million people
  • House prices up in Helsinki but rest of country slows
  • Landlord and tenant laws show no bias
  • Buying costs are low in Finland

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