This 'heart shaped country' on the Balkan peninsular is stepping out of its difficult political past and into a new era of being one of the up and coming relocation destinations in south eastern Europe. With a rich history and a developing property market, buying in Bosnia & Herzegovina may prove to be a shrewd investment in the coming years.

As well as bustling urban areas such as Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina also boasts a UNESCO World Heritage site in the ancient town of Mostar, excellent undiscovered skiing resorts, beautiful countryside and popular tourist destinations like Croatia and Italy just a few hours away by car or plane.

Your local RE/MAX agent in Bosnia & Herzegovina is in the perfect position to assist your property search and take advantage of one of the most exciting and developing regions in south eastern Europe.


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  • Considered a developing and emerging market
  • High-end construction, investment and sales transactions occur
  • Increasing investment from companies and foreign individuals
Rooftops at sunset in Sarajevo


The mission of RE/MAX in Bosnia & Herzegovina is to raise the standard of buying and selling real estate in the country. They aim to do this through providing the highest possible level of service for their clients. The agents, agency owners and especially the end customer can expect to benefit from the implementation of standards which has made RE/MAX the trusted name in Europe it is today.

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