Real estate market key facts:

  • Economic growth is picking up, meaning the property market begins to rise again
  • The purchase of real estate by foreigners is possible, but may be subject to some special regulations depending on nationality. 
  • Demand for commercial real estate remains high
  • Imbalances on housing market lessening
Remax Europe
Remax Europe

RE/MAX Austria at a glance:

RE/MAX Austria is a steadily growing region in the RE/MAX Europe Network, with over 100 offices in 9 provinces across the country. There are also more than 500 RE/MAX associates currently active within Austria. They can be proud of a culture which promotes cooperating on transactions, a practice prevalent throughout the entire RE/MAX Family.

Other useful information about this region:

  • 8.8 million people
  • Austrian housing market continues to rise strongly
  • Landlord and tenant laws are pro-tenant

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