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You’ve already earned some big wins as an entrepreneur, and you’re ready for a new challenge. Many people dream of making their own decisions in their careers, but few are willing to say yes, when they get the chance.

You Call the Shots

As a RE/MAX office owner there is nobody stopping your ingenuity and no end point for success. You call the shots and try new ideas without anyone over your shoulder telling you to stop. You’re empowered to make it happen now, and the sky’s the limit for your potential growth.

Our Brand, Your Vision

Lead a Superstar Team

As a RE/MAX office owner you’ll manage a team of the industry’s best agents, and that means it’s your time to shine! Over 40 years of history, RE/MAX has established itself as a global trusted brand, and that means you can recruit top talent on the strength of our reputation. Once you’ve trained your best agents, they’ll want to stay on a winning team.

Sharing a Network of Knowledge

Even the best of the best – that’s you! – needs a helping hand now and then. That’s where the power of the RE/MAX network comes in. Our office owners collaborate with each other, sharing their insights on how to build a brokerage, develop talent, and achieve growth. At RE/MAX, you’re a boss who’s never on his own.

Each office is independently owned and operated.

Isn’t it time that you take the lead?

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