A History of Success

Decades of experience making dreams a reality

From an idea on paper to the most trusted name in real estate, RE/MAX has grown into a vast global organization, helping more families to buy and sell homes than any other real estate company in the world. This is our journey

  • Humble Beginnings. Big Ideas.

    In the US in 1973, Dave and Gail Liniger turn the real estate pyramid on its head with a bold new concept called “real estate maximums,” or RE/MAX: giving hard-earned commissions back to agents to retain top performers.

  • Remax History
  •  Remax History
  • Two Pioneers — RE/MAX Lands in Europe

    After bringing RE/MAX to Canada, Frank Polzler and Walter Schneider are riding high and turn their attention across the pond. The famous red, white, and blue balloon lands in Europe for the first time. Offices begin to appear in Spain, Israel, and Italy, launching a new era of real state in Europe. It is now only a matter of time before the RE/MAX concept takes hold across the continent!

  • The Power of the Brand Sweeps Across Europe

    The European RE/MAX family is joined by Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey, Poland, Macedonia, and the UK, creating a vast network of like-minded experts and entrepreneurs who spur growth by helping each other and inspiring new ideas.

  • Remax History
  •  Remax History
  • Cyprus, Norway, and Montenegro Join the Family

    From the land of the midnight sun down to the eastern Mediterranean, RE/MAX now spans the entire European continent.

  • RE/MAX is Now Open in 40 European Countries

    The expansion doesn’t stop there — in 2017, Latvia is welcomed into the network, followed by Serbia in 2018. The world-famous red, white, and blue RE/MAX hot air balloon now flies above 40 countries across Europe, with more than 1,800 offices.

  • Remax History
  •  Remax History
  • The Biggest Real Estate Family in Europe Gets Bigger Again!

    RE/MAX Europe reaches a major milestone: the balloon is now held aloft by the power of more than 29,000 agents! Weathering market challenges and still creating new industry-changing concepts over 40 years later, RE/MAX is here to stay, inviting a new way for entrepreneurs to rise higher and go further than ever before.

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