Agent Cooperation in Portugal

Agent Cooperation is all about acting in the interest of our customers.

Over the last 3 weeks the teams of RE/MAX Portugal and RE/MAX Europe have worked tirelessly to reach the next level of Agent Cooperation in Portugal.

To kick-off that essential topic, RE/MAX Europe co-hosted an event for brokers together with RE/MAX Portugal. Michael Polzler and Manuel Alvarez inspired us with their presentations about how customers, agents and brokers can benefit from Agent Cooperation.


Through interviews the team collected common objections encountered when proposing Agent Cooperation, such as not having the Listing Agent present during the showing or keeping the key to every listing in the office.

After gathering insight on current obstacles within the marketplace, a one day workshop was conducted with a group of selected brokers working on potential solutions, allowing RE/MAX to create a far better customer experience and therefore reach the next level through Agent Cooperation.


The project led to one key take-away: Agent Cooperation is a unique OPPORTUNITY!

Some closing thoughts from Michael Polzler: “The changes that we are proposing and currently working on, regarding the way you are doing business, is the greatest opportunity I have seen in the real estate marketplace across my entire career. “

We are excited to conduct these particular kinds of projects in other regions as we go forward, and we can’t wait to reach the next level through Agent Cooperation.

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