Why do agents switch to RE/MAX?

If you’re an existing agent in the European real estate industry, the chances are you will have heard of RE/MAX. Perhaps you’ve already been tempted to make the move to Europe’s largest real estate family, or you’re still sceptical about joining a larger network of colleagues. In this article we will outline three of the biggest benefits you can gain from joining RE/MAX as a real estate agent in Europe.

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A name agents (and customers) can trust

RE/MAX is the most trusted and recognizable name in real estate. The RE/MAX balloon flies over 40 countries across Europe, from Iceland down to Turkey, and has already landed in more than 100 countries worldwide.

The benefit to having such a well-respected and recognized name behind you is your customers already feel a sense of trust and reliability. As a RE/MAX Agent there is almost no such thing as a truly cold introduction. Even if your prospective client has never met you before, they will have encountered the famous red, white and blue of RE/MAX. 

Now it’s up to you to make sure they get that famous excellent customer experience.

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A network everyone can depend upon

Think it’s lonely at the top? Not when your whole family is there. RE/MAX is in a unique position in real estate to not just offer new agents access to a European network of over 29,000 agents, but also a global referral network of up to 110,000 professionals.

We collect the best practices, success stories and winning formulae from across our global network and share it to make sure everyone benefits from the world’s largest real estate family; increasing the chances of success and giving you time to focus on what matters - your business!

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On-going support and limitless career potential

One of the biggest problems facing other real estate businesses is they cannot keep hold of top talent. With RE/MAX the system is reversed, where we provide top performers with everything they need to improve their career and turn newcomers into productive agents as soon as possible.

If you’re a productive agent wanting to go further, we have special training to make that happen. If you’re a top performer who wants more responsibility but not to own an office, we can turn you into an agent team. Want to grow your own network? Perhaps being a Broker/Owner is right for you.

With regular training on both a regional and international level, networking events, detailed on-boarding processes and a proven formula for success (proven over 29,000 times actually!) there is no need to reinvent the wheel. With RE/MAX you bring your drive, your personality and your love of serving your real estate community, and we provide the rest.

Find the perfect place as a RE/MAX Agent

By relying on the three main pillars of the RE/MAX name, worldwide network and unparalleled support, you will find flexibility, community and purpose as a RE/MAX Agent. Take the next step in your career today and get in touch with your local RE/MAX office to learn more. Alternatively, check out the RE/MAX Europe website for more information. 




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