Celebrating entrepreneurs: the best future is the one you make for yourself

Some people are happy in a 9-5 job. But entrepreneurs are a different species – once you’ve seen the possibilities of building your own business, you can’t imagine choosing anything else! Because for those of us with the entrepreneurial spirit, job satisfaction is more than a paycheck. You want a business that you can grow, where every day gives you the chance to go further – whether RE/MAX is the start of a new career or you have already been working in the real estate industry. 

We made a video celebrating this entrepreneurial spirit and capturing everything that agents love about RE/MAX. Check out the video below, and read on to find out why agents say choosing RE/MAX is the best decision they’ve ever made:


True independence comes from being able to create your own path to success, for your needs and on your terms. For RE/MAX agents, this means the flexibility and the freedom to choose your own working hours. If you’re making time to show homes on the weekend or evening when your customers are free, then of course you should take time off to recharge and re-energize while the 9-5 crowds are at work.

 But freedom that comes from working with RE/MAX also means financial independence, where there are no limits to success. If you want to build a legacy you can pass on to the next generation, or invest in your dreams, as a RE/MAX agent, your rewards are always your own.


Most entrepreneurs are driven to create a new business when they see what’s missing from their communities, and what sets RE/MAX agents apart is their commitment to improving the customer experience for buyers and sellers. A real estate deal is one of the most important milestones in a person’s life, and as a RE/MAX agent, you’re there to guide them through the process and celebrate every success together.

What’s more, it’s incredibly rewarding to play such a significant role in your community. By sharing your knowledge of the best schools or the newest restaurants, your expertise will strengthen your own neighborhood that you know and love.


Just because you have a business that’s all your own, doesn’t mean you have to be all alone. RE/MAX agents can rely on in-depth training and cutting-edge tools for continuing support, whether you’re new to the industry or ready to take your skills to the next level. And you have all of these resources available to you any time you need support — making it easier for you to stay focused and achieve your goals.

Of course, reaching for the stars is easier when you build on established success, and the RE/MAX family believes in sharing experiences to help each other win. As a RE/MAX agent you can count on 26,000 colleagues in Europe for support and encouragement. In this dynamic industry, it’s amazing what you can achieve with a whole family of agents behind you!

As an entrepreneur, you’ve got big dreams for your future. So make the right choice to bring those dreams to life. Join a family of entrepreneurs who have made the same choice that made their dreams come true.

Are you ready to see if RE/MAX is the right path for you? Get in touch with the head Office of your preferred RE/MAX region and start building your future! Join the family

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