Ready for Independence? Then this is the life for you!

We all cross paths with real estate at many points in our lives, whether we’re buying, selling, or renting. But the day-to-day experience is so much more than what we see on closing day or when we sign that lease. Real estate agents are true entrepreneurs who manage their own customer service, marketing and sales. If you’ve ever spent time at work thinking you want more, then this might be the path for you. Here are some of the best reasons to take the plunge!


Be Your Own Boss

Every real estate Agent is operating their own thriving independent business. You’re in charge, you make the calls and the successes are all yours.

With great power comes great responsibility, of course, and as an Agent it’s up to you to meet your customers’ needs and pioneer new ways to grow. But that’s what you want to do, right? If the answer is yes, then this is the business for you.


You Have Help

Working for a big brand means you get to do it your way while benefitting from a close-knit group of colleagues.

RE/MAX Agents have a huge network of advisors and mentors to call on for help, tools to help you promote your business and opportunities to learn from the best in the business. You’re on your own, but never alone.

You Make Your Schedule

Unlike other business start-ups that depend on standard retail or corporate hours, as an agent you can take your kids to school, pick them up after practice, stop at the supermarket and schedule your work in between all this.

Your clients will dictate some of your hours, but you build the rest around that, and that means more time for the most important things in life.


No One’s Stopping Your Improvements

While being your own boss and making your own schedule appeals to just about everyone, only a real entrepreneur truly appreciates the freedom to make something better.

If you’re tired of watching solutions die in corporate committees, you’ll appreciate the way problems get solved as a real estate Agent: by you standing up and solving them right then and there, with the help of trusted sounding boards if you need them. The road to improving your business is all yours and it’s wide open.


You’ll Meet New People Every Day

We’re all social creatures (yes, even us introverts!) and while working in an office has its social qualities, in real estate you’re meeting new people every day from all walks of life who need your help and collaboration on a home search project.

You’ll be out there hitting the streets, an essential and noticed part of your local community.


Attain “Expert-Level” Status

Community leaders come in all shapes and sizes and they’re not limited to our elected officials.

The local real estate agent is seen as a trusted authority on the area, with specialized knowledge about schools, regulations, parks and the best places to eat and shop. Your clients will look to you for guidance on all this, but so will everyone else on Main Street.


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