Right now, we’re in a seller’s market...

but that doesn’t necessarily mean that selling your home this year is going to be easy. Many of the challenges vendors faced in 2020 are still with us and buyers (those who don’t have a network of over 29,000 agents to work with anyway), are beginning to feel their dream home simply isn’t out there.

The good news is RE/MAX Agents are still selling homes despite market disruption and continue to get sellers deals they can feel good about. The “bad” news is this doesn’t happen by itself and sellers need to be ready to embrace digital, make some minor changes to the property and potentially re-evaluate their asking price in order to close a deal this year.


Now more than ever before social media is the place where homes are being bought and sold. This is not a trend which will be going away any time soon. Indeed, a solid social media presence for your property is no longer a trend at all but a must have when selling in the modern world. Those who do not prepare their home for online discovery will be fighting an uphill struggle from the start.

With many buyers avoiding in-person meetings, the preferred way to view properties in 2021 is via virtual tours. Instagram is now the go-to platform for those looking to buy and sell property socially. As well as being a highly visual platform, features such as Reels (with built-in editing options), IGTV for longer video posts and Instagram Live for live broadcasting home tours have made it even easier for buyers to get a complete and trustworthy impression of your home. Why trustworthy? Because buyers are tired of seeing polished and super edited promo videos of homes. When it comes to seeing a home virtually, they want convenience, connectivity, and honesty.



While buyers are still looking for a lot of the same things as before (space for a washing machine, good energy rating, transport links and so on) a few new items have made their way on to the wish list since March 2020.

It is more than probable that a buyer is looking to upsize their home during this era of on again off again lockdowns and remote working. Families across Europe have discovered the necessity of a home office or spare room which could become a home school or play area. If your property doesn’t have a spare room – you yourself may be looking to upsize! – make use of any nook or spare space at your disposal. 

Creating this new sought-after feature in your home will certainly pique potential buyers’ interest. Seeing that this property is ready to accommodate both their home and work lives at the same time will be a big plus going into 2021 and beyond.



Europe is currently in the middle of a seller’s market, and this might tempt buyers to increase the listing price of their homes.  While it is understandable and even logical for sellers to think buyers will meet their price due to lack of options on the market, it is in fact a common mistake and could blacklist you from many buyer’s considerations.

If a buyer really wants the property, have faith that they will be willing to pay for it. The best thing to do is to let the buyer determine the market rates. You do this by setting a fair and competitive price intended to create interest and attract the most buyers. As this is a seller’s market with listings few and far between, buyers will bid against one another and the price will rise as a natural result.


Selling a home in 2021 can be a complicated and exhausting business. That’s why it’s always better to ask a professional for help. RE/MAX Agents have been closing deals throughout 2020 and 2021 in a safe and COVID-19 compliant way and know how to get your home sold for the best possible price.

As well as being highly trained in marketing properties on social media, RE/MAX Agents constantly work with a network of over 29,000 colleagues to find the perfect buyer for your property.

Be sure to contact your nearest RE/MAX office today and make sure you sell in 2021!


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