A message from our CEO Michael Polzler

My father taught me from when I was very young not to worry. Why? Simply because most of the things that we worry about don't come true. And the ones that do happen often are not as bad as we thought that they might be. And if we have a good plan in place we can work our way through them. So instead of spending my time worrying, he taught me that I should be proactive in thinking about solutions that could help me get out of any problems that I might potentially come into. Those really feel like great words of wisdom, especially with what's going on around us right now.

Right now the most important thing we can be doing is staying focused. Focused on what we need to do to be mentally strong and get through each and every day. What does that mean? Well it means starting out each day knowing that you have a routine. A routine that you're going to follow a routine that is similar to a normal workday and that we fill those hours with things that we know are productive.


I know that each morning when I get up the first thing I do is I look at what I plan to do that day and I have a very specific routine that I follow. It starts with mental planning, mental focus, and a fitness routine. Then I think a lot about my business and what I have to do to be ready for taking my business out as fast as I can.

Just because we might be isolated in our homes it does not mean that we can't be connected. So this is a time of mental strength. This is a time of focus. This is a time of us all to pull together so that we can come through this together and stronger and in the best possible condition that we can be in. That will take focus each and every day.

I wish you all much success and I wish you all the best in getting through each and every day. Believe me I am thinking of you.

Michael Polzler, CEO

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