The Benefits of Advertising with Instagram

It may seem a little daunting to get started with social media advertising. After all, how do you know you're not throwing good money after bad? These six questions may be on your mind if you've considered taking the paid content plunge, and we're here to answer them.


Why should I consider advertising on Instagram?

Using Instagram advertising is one of the best ways to reach people not currently connected with your business or brand. Depending on your audience size, you can use a small budget of €20 per day to reach over 100,000 new people.

Is it expensive to advertise on Instagram?

Instagram Ads are some of the cheapest paid social ads available, ranging from 0.72 cents to €1.18 cost per click (CPC). Industry practice is to put money behind posts you already know are performing well.

Do advertising costs on Instagram vary?

Cost of advertising on Instagram can fluctuate from one campaign to the next, and this depends on several different factors such as the type of device targeted, demographics (location and age), day of the week, or if your campaign is scheduled during any major TV events. This is why it is very important to think about who you want to target and when before committing to a campaign.

What should I consider when defining a target audience?

The most important things to consider are where are my audience located, what are they already looking at online, when are they online and how do they like to be spoken to. Taking a good look at your Instagram analytics will help give you a good starting point.

Instagram analytics are only available if your account is set to a business profile.

Consider using look alike audiences to target demographics similar to your page followers, but who do not currently follow you or engage with your content.

What are the Key Performance Indicators of an Instagram Ad campaign?

Certain metrics will show you if your campaign has been successful or not. You will want to keep an eye on any increase in followers, an increase in account views from non-followers or an increase in interactions on your posts.

What steps are involved in creating a campaign?

1) Register or sign in to your Facebook Ads Manager account

2) Create a new campaign

3) Name the ad campaign

4) Choose your ad placements (which platform - choose Instagram)

5) Define your target audience

6) Define ad budget and schedule

7) Choose the Instagram ad format (Carousel, Single Image/Video or Collection)

8) Upload your image/video and text then publish your ad!

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