Don’t just bounce back, bounce higher!

It’s clear that whatever our original expectations were for 2020, the year has turned out to be quite different and our concept of normal has changed a lot! Fortunately, as the year comes to a close, there is already plenty of good news to look forward to in 2021. However, if you’re like many people and you’re hoping to get back to normal, stop and refocus. Because now isn’t the time to bounce back, it’s the time to bounce higher!

That’s why we’re excited to announce our next big virtual training event to help you to raise your business, rather than just reset it. And to do so, we’ve asked one of the industry’s leading growth experts to help you take your business to the next level – Nathan Dart!

The RE/MAX Elevate Agent Team Training Program led by Nathan Dart will be held virtually from 26.01.2021 to 25.02.2021

6 sessions of 90 minutes content for Agents + 30 minutes Q & A for Trainers.

26 JANUARY 2021 - Module 1: Unlocking Your Potential

2 FEBRUARY 2021 - Module 2 & 3:  Making the Decision to Grow & Preparing Your Business for Growth

4 FEBRUARY 2021 - Module 4 & 5: The 5 Step Hiring Process & Onboarding and Training Red Carpet Style

9 FEBRUARY 2021 - Module 6:  Financial Mastery

15 FEBRUARY 2021 - Module 7: Team Dynamics and Communication 

23 FEBRUARY 2021 - Module 8: Leadership and Accountability 


1 bonus session of 90 minutes content for Trainers onlY

25 FEBRUARY 2021 - Trainer Module: Post-Training Debrief with all Trainers for Implementation Plan

Leading experts and game-changing      ideas

Nathan Dart is a renowned real estate authority who combines years of experience with an entrepreneurial 
style that continues to generate success. His strategies help real estate agents thrive in  an ever-changing
industry with real-world solutions to achieve greater success both in business and in life.   

Created exclusively for RE/MAX Europe in partnership with foremost real estate coach Richard Robbins, this training program is specifically designed for agent team leaders – or aspiring agent team leaders. Team leaders face a unique set of challenges and responsibilities, and balancing these varying roles requires passion, strategy, insight and the right tools. The RE/MAX Elevate Agent Team Training will bring you cutting-edge solutions to your real-time challenges while making sure you have useable action plans  and tools you can implement easily.

Skills to climb higher

In eight modules from the end of January to February, you’ll learn to measure your business effectiveness and develop the systems you need to break through to your goals. You’ll discover how to prepare your business for growth, with a step-by-step hiring process to help you attract and keep the top talent. And you’ll get the tools for an onboarding system and team culture that will energize your team to greater profitability.

Most importantly, the program will help you sharpen your leadership skills to become a stronger team leader to empower the people around you. Because RE/MAX Elevate isn’t just about only raising yourself up — after all, there is only so far one person can go alone. Instead, when we lift up those around us, we all rise higher.

Leadership is closer than you think

 Do you have what it takes to lead a team? Here are four signs that you’re ready:

  • Colleagues come to you for advice, and you can give solid feedback on their performance and skills
    to identify their  strengths and weaknesses.
  • You’re always looking for ways to improve things, and you’re willing to let go of what is familiar
    to pilot a program  and make it work.
  • You’re comfortable handling criticism, but you also feel comfortable saying no when the timing
    or the situation isn’t right.
  • You’re comfortable being uncomfortable, because you know that in order to learn and grow,
    you have to get outside  your comfort zone.

If want to learn how to take the lead in 2021 and raise your business higher than ever, you won’t  want  to miss  Nathan Dart and the RE/MAX Elevate Agent Team Training.
Register now to reserve your place, and forget about getting back to normal – get ready for extraordinary!

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