Fast response times, even on lazy summer days

Good service doesn’t take a break just because your Agent does.

Although travel this summer will certainly look a little different, it’s still important to take time off and get away however you can, whether that’s a family vacation rental or a staycation at home. Even when you’re passionate about your job, you need time to recharge your batteries to come back with full energy.

Of course, real estate deals can come together quickly, but if you’re worried about what happens when your Agent goes on vacation, you can rest easy. Like the rest of the deal, your Agent has thought of everything!


Professionalism through preparation

By nature, real estate Agents are planners, and your Agent works out the details of their vacations far in advance, so you’ll have plenty of notice. Your Agent will talk you through what stage of the buying or selling process you’re in, and give you an idea of what steps might happen while they are gone, along with details of the plan they have in place for their absence.



Your RE/MAX Agent is part of the world’s strongest real estate network, with over 100,000 colleagues for support. Your Agent will arrange for a trusted colleague to replace them, so you’ll always have someone working on your transaction. The two Agents will work together closely before your Agent leaves, and you’ll have the chance to meet with the replacement Agent beforehand for even better peace of mind.



We live in a wired world, so no matter where your Agent might go, you’ll always be in touch. Your Agent already has experience working with the latest technology, from virtual tours to digital document signing, and remote communication is easier than ever these days. You’ll have the phone numbers or email addresses you need to get in touch, and thanks to smartphones, your Agent will always be a click away, wherever they are.

But what about when you are the one on vacation?

Pack away your worries, you won’t need them. Here are three ways that your Agent will ensure your holiday is stress-free:


Your Agent is organized and prepared, so they won’t need to bother you for last minute tasks or documents while you’re gone. Just let your Agent know when you’ll be away, and they can prepare everything they need from you before you leave, and plan for the next steps once you’re back.


You won’t have to start from the beginning when you get back, because your Agent will have everything running in the background while you’re gone. Whether you’re buying or selling, you’ll come back to find the process has moved closer to success – without you even needing to be here!

3. trust

The details are in good hands. Your Agent handles real estate transactions on a daily basis, and while every home is unique, they have faced all the common situations many times over. So, with an experienced Agent in your corner, you never have to worry about surprises!

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