Digital Deep Dive: Making E-Learning possible during COVID-19

Welcome to the 7th edition of the Digital Deep Dive. This is a special edition due to the current situation with the Coronavirus. It was originally planned, to write a best practice article about the high performance of one of RE/MAX Europe’s top regions. However, after all the things that have happened during the last couple of weeks it is clear that more important issues must be addressed.

Many European countries are currently in a state of emergency and our social life is reduced to the minimum. Nobody can currently say how long this will last and when our lives will be back to normal again. But there is no need to bury our heads into the sand. The whole world has a new enemy. We need to stand united and do whatever we can to prevent the virus from getting out of control.

This is the time to show your empathy. Be wary about growing populism, be very cautious about fake news and be very selective on what content you share. Check your sources and don’t trust mass messages on Facebook, WhatsApp or any media outlet that is trying to abuse this situation and make people panic. Don’t reward any unethical behavior!

It is time for solidarity - show your love! Protect your family, help your neighbours and help others where you can but most important stay at home as much as you can!

More and more digital initiatives are popping up all over the web, and they are all looking for contributors! This means you can help someone virtually without leaving your home.

We are proud to say that RE/MAX Italy are a very good example of this, having opened many e-learning resources not only to the RE/MAX Network, but to the wider real estate community. So first of all, kudos to the whole of the RE/MAX Italy team for all the extra hard work they are putting in to help others - on a totally voluntary basis!

Let’s start from the beginning... The Italian Government started the “Digital Solidarity Project”, designed to give businesses and individuals the opportunity to offer solutions free of charge for the greater good. The possibilities range from e-learning sessions to self-help books, solutions on how to work remotely together and music classes. Inspired by this initiative, RE/MAX Italy started setting up training sessions with dedicated topics for real estate agents and brokers. The trainers are agents and brokers from the RE/MAX Network, offering their help and availability to their colleagues throughout the real estate industry. The first two webinars saw a great initial success, with 2.000 participants and 450 questions asked.

RE/MAX Italy then registered their activities with the governmental program and now offers seminars and courses about advertising, psychology, lead generation and buyer qualification in Italian and English.

Finally, a “Digital Solidarity Box” was added to their homepage. Here visitors can enter their personal data in order to subscribe to all the upcoming webinars.

Thank you RE/MAX Italy for being a role model in the worldwide RE/MAX network and thank you for all the effort and dedication! That is the true RE/MAX spirit!

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