Take charge of what people see when they search for your business with the Google My Business Tool.

According to Google, they connect people to nearby businesses 9 billion times a month. So any tool that allows you to manage and optimize the information that users see when they search for you would be a huge boost to your business. Their Google My Business tool will help you manage your online presence and help customers find you.

It all starts with your business profile, which appears when people search for your business – or businesses like yours – on Google Search or Google Maps. With Google My Business, you can create and update that business profile with details about your business, as well as photos or videos to show what makes your business unique. But you can also engage with your customers, respond to reviews, and see how many people are looking for you – all in one place.


Perfect Your Profile

To get started, log-in to the Google account you want associated with your business, or create an account. Then go to google.com/business and select ‘Start Now’ to go through the set-up process. Once you’re set up, Google My Business can update your business details across search and maps in a few easy steps.

Add as much information as you can to complete your profile. Be advised, anyone can suggest a change or edit to your business profile – even your competition! So check your profile frequently to keep it accurate.

Include a cover photo, profile photo, or even a video to make your listing informative and engaging and draw in new customers.

Book a Date

When people find your business in the search engine, Google My Business allows them to make an appointment directly from your business profile. To add a booking button, pick one of the scheduling partners available, such as appointy, Full Slate, Genbook, SetMore, or TimeTrade, with more booking platforms are coming soon.

Being able to make an appointment directly through your business profile simplifies the process for customers, since built-in integration with google products like Gmail and Google Calendar means they can get automatic reminders so they don’t miss their appointment. But it also makes it easier for you, since you can see your appointment history on the bookings tab of the Google My Business dashboard.

Post an Update

With Google My Business, you can add short posts to your profile which will show up in the local panel on Google search and on Google Maps. Think about what customers will be interested in, and post relevant news and events such as showings, webinars or seminars, or links to blog posts on your site. Up to 10 posts can appear in a scroll-through carousel, although posts expire after seven days, so you’ll need to keep updating them. But when a user clicks on a current post, they can scroll through earlier posts.

There is a lot of competition for attention on a search results page, so posts will keep users focused on your business, giving you an advantage on the first page of results. Plus, with more information now available in the search results, fewer people may be visiting a company’s actual website. So posts on your Google My Business profile are a great way to make sure that people see your content.

Get a Free Website

You might already be sold on the benefits of the Google My Business tool, but this should decide it: the tool creates a website for you that you can access and edit from your computer or phone. In fact, the website is automatically generated with information from your business profile. You just customize the site with the text, photos or design themes you want, then pick a domain and you’re all set.

With the Google My Business website, you won’t have to worry about any of the technical specifications. It’s mobile ready with a responsive design that automatically adjusts to any screen or device, and any time you update your business profile it will automatically update your website so you’ll always be up to date.

Check Your Performance

You know that the only way to make progress is to regularly check that you’re on the right track, and Google My Business lets you access data on how people found your business and where they come from right on your dashboard.

You can review the numbers of clicks or calls your business gets, as well as how many times your business profile has been viewed. In addition, you can find out which of your pictures have been getting the most views, and how that compares to similar businesses. All of this helps you learn more about your customers and their interests, so that you can see how well your profile meets their needs and understand how you can set yourself apart so that you can better target new customers.

The Google My Business tool offers so many advantages for small businesses – from managing your information, interacting with customers, and optimizing your performance. But the biggest benefit is the advantage that it presents to customers themselves. They can find and connect with the businesses they’re looking for – easily and seamlessly. And any way that you can improve the customer experience, is a win for you!

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