Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside – and if possible at an affordable price. With summer well and truly here and the continent in the middle of a blistering heat wave, it’s time to start thinking about cool breezes, revitalizing water, and soft ice creams. We’ve been scouring the RE/MAX Europe network for some of the best places to live by the sea and what we have found will not disappoint!


If you're thinking of retiring or relocating to a sunny island with warm summers and mild winters, exquisite sea food and a thriving local culture then Greece is the perfect place for you. The cost of living is considered to be much cheaper than many other European countries (up to 30% cheaper in some cases). Be in the tourist centres of Corfu or Zakynthos or hide away on one of the multiple less populated islands of the Greek Archipelago.





Breath-taking fjords, picturesque cities, magical natural phenomena such as the Northern Lights and one of the greenest countries in the world make Norway a popular destination for both visitors and property hunters alike. With the second longest coastline in the world, and thousands of beaches, lakes, and mountains to choose from, residents of this Scandinavian country are spoiled for choice. 




If you dream of owning property in France, you’re certainly not alone. Foreign house hunters and property owners are numerous in the land of wine and cheese – and with so much to offer it comes as no surprise. Sun seekers find their home at Cannes and Marseille, whilst those looking for a spring by the sea are spoiled for choice along almost 3,500 kilometres of coastline. 




England has seen a huge rise in new build properties over the past 10 to 15 years, with the call for foreign investment in the property sector never being louder. Not only that, but the region still boasts some of the most stunning seaside estates, charming fisherman’s cottages, modern riviera apartments (excuse me, flats!), and row upon row of terraced family housing.




Ireland is world famous for its excellent culture of traditional music, rich Celtic history, luscious green countryside, exceptional food and drink, as well as its burgeoning tech and start-up scene. With Europe at its doorstep and surrounded by both the Irish sea and Atlantic ocean, you’re never far from adventure.




Portugal is a mainstay of the relocation, second home and buy to rent property market. If you’re looking to buy a property in the land of tapas, wine, long beaches, and beautiful countryside then the good news is the process has been well defined over the years.




Everyone has their own idea of what Italy is like: beautiful, fashionable, delicious, romantic, modern and rustic. The fantastic thing about the southern European peninsular is it delivers on all these expectations and much more besides.




Unspoilt, relaxed, beautiful and safe - Croatia has been described as one of Europe's most well-preserved treasures in recent years. Every twist and turn of its breath-taking coastline reveals more secret caves, secluded beaches and timeless fishing villages.




Finland is known as the 'land of a thousand lakes'. Indeed, it is reported that there is one lake for every 26 Finns. Finding the perfect bathing spot is not a problem in Finland. Neither is peace and quiet. With only 5.5 million inhabitants Finland is one of the most sparsely populated countries on Earth.



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