"2020 proved that  when we all pull together, EVERYONE BENEFITS."

A community can help us get through the bad times and make the most of the best. And while it may be easy to shut off and keep our heads down when faced with difficult situations, by helping others we can actually help ourselves. Having each other's backs makes us feel more connected, grows our confidence and improves our emotional wellbeing. By sharing insights, we can find new ways of thinking we'd never thought of before. A solid network is a sure way of staying stronger together.

2020 posed difficult challenges, and the RE/MAX family was more important than ever. As we approach one of working from home and being in and out of lockdowns, it's time we look back on what we have achieved together. After all, we're making it through some of the toughest times in real estate history, and we’re doing it together.


With the right spirit and the right tools, everyone benefits 

The RE/MAX team spirit is exceptional in our industry. In fact, when we ask Agents and Broker/Owners about their experience, it’s often the community mentality that makes them most excited. RE/MAX Europe meetings feel more like family gatherings, and even when events have had to take place online, we're reminded how unique our community is. It's clear to see that when we all support each other, everyone's a winner. 

That support means that in tough times, you'll never feel alone. One-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions are focused on the individual goals of the Agent or Broker/Owner. Speaker programs from leading experts make sure everyone's ahead in the European real estate market. But some of the most valuable input comes from inside our network itself. When our Agents and Broker/Owners share their knowledge we all profit. This is being done all the time inside our worldwide platform. We wouldn't be anywhere without our community.


New technology helps clients feel cared for 

Innovation has always been key within RE/MAX to prioritize customer needs by finding new ways for real estate to be bought and sold. The faster clients buy and sell, the faster everyone gets their dream home.

But during 2020, our innovation took another step up. Many of our Agents and Broker/Owners had to stay home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, meaning the whole process went digital. It was important that customers still felt supported through their decision process, so we’ve turned to new solutions to make sure everyone gets the best outcome:

•           Virtual reality tours, so customers can imagine themselves living in the space.
•           A complete switch over to electronic signatures using DocuSign.
•           360-degree panorama photos to fully map out the room dimensions.
•           Faster website speeds for a better online experience.


Now is the right time to form closer connections

We're always thinking of ways to support our network, especially through these trying times. We needed to make sure everyone could quickly adapt to new communication methods in 2020 and continue to work in constructive and rewarding ways. It was essential to emphasize that this isn't the time to hide away; it's exactly the right time to form closer connections. We held live events, such as the Elite Event for Agents and Broker/Owners, bringing our community together from everywhere around the world. Virtual networking sessions allowed tools and techniques to be shared, and webinars, newsletters and blog posts meant people at every level were on the same page – we really have a massive pool of support!

However, it's not just the RE/MAX network in need of guidance. Our "Locked Down, Not Out" initiative offered the same resources to everyone in the real estate industry, such as regular blog articles and business insights. No one should be denied information that could give us all a better chance. To keep the real estate industry thriving, we have to help each other.


We're facing 2021 even stronger

The RE/MAX family spirit has always helped us overcome challenges, but the past year has proven just how remarkable it is. We feel stronger than ever. No matter if you're working from home or your office, wherever you are in the world, the community has come together in support. Everyone has had to adapt to the new normal of 2020 in ways we couldn’t have imagined, and we hope the RE/MAX network is an example of what can be achieved when we put each other first.


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