A message from CEO Michael Polzler

How to continue with your business during this challenging time

"I don’t need to be telling you how to take care of your families, I trust you are doing all of the right things in that area at this time of crisis, upheaval and upset. What I would like to impress upon you is the self-discipline we will all need to work remotely.

There has never been a better time to be working our databases. The fact is that people are stranded at home. In many cases there is a very good opportunity to be touching base with past clients and prospecting people who we’ve been meaning to call. If you’re a broker of course, keep in touch with all the people you’ve talked to about recruiting in the past.

There is no reason why, if we focus right now, we cannot stay busy each and every day and continue to build our businesses. There is very little we can about this crisis in engaging in a personal way as far as meeting people in the foreseeable future goes, but the fact is we can certainly be making contact and staying in touch. I strongly recommend keeping yourself busy, mental focus, your mindset needs to be something that is in your plan to do every day. Call people, engage them in conversation, ask them how they are doing, how they are managing and talk about real estate as an investment.

It is important that we position ourselves for when things settle down, and they will settle down. All we can do is position our businesses best for the future. This is a people business and we need to stay in touch.

I encourage each and every one of you to assess your businesses and do whatever you can to build those businesses. The best thing I can recommend is personal contact via telephone, via email presentation. Of course, keeping yourself and your family safe are your first priorities. Let’s not lose track of this opportunity to build our businesses. The better we position ourselves now, the better we are going to come out of this crisis, and we will come out of this crisis.

Michael Polzler, CEO

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