We're opening our resources to all our colleagues in real estate

COVID-19 has made it necesSary for many countries across Europe to go into complete lockdown until the current situation is under control. Normal business practices have gone out of the window, and now is not the time to seek a competitive edge. We believe just because you’re under lockdown, does not mean you have to be locked out from potentially business saving information or a network that cares.

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Stronger communities for challenging times

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, RE/MAX Europe is doing everything it can to support its network and make sure brokers and agents can continue working in a safe and productive way. However, even as we distance ourselves physically, we know that now is the time to form closer connections and support all real estate professionals – both big and small.

So to give all our real estate colleagues the best possible chance of weathering this storm, we are opening up our resources to offer everyone the same materials we are providing to the brokers and agents within the RE/MAX Europe network.

Real estate is a competitive industry – and that’s why we love it – but this crisis will be a challenge to the entire real estate industry not just to any one business. If our industry is to stay strong, it will be from all of us working to build each other up, regardless of the logos on our business cards. That’s why it’s so important to share information and advice, and to build our knowledge together.

Please use this page as a resource to receive regular blog articles and insights to help you keep your business going strong in the coming days and weeks. After all, what the real estate industry does best is open doors.

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