Local Brand Booster is a way of motivating more agents and broker/owners to use paid social media ads in their local areas. All across Europe we want members of the European RE/MAX network to position themselves as the local expert and most prominent real estate professional in their area through paid social media advertising. Agents and broker/owners will receive rewards and exposure for being part of this free-to-join initiative.

what are the benefits? 

As long as you fulfil a set of simple criteria you can expect to receive early bird access to selected RE/MAX Europe webinars and trainings, special blog content to increase your paid ads knowledge, access to the Local Brand Booster Facebook and WhatsApp groups as well as exposure on the RE/MAX Europe social media channels as a Best Practice in paid social media ads.


It's completely up to you what kind of video you want to use in your paid social media advertising. So long as it positions you as a local expert in your area you can use: listing videos, area tours, market updates, charity work, local business promotion... the list goes on. Take a look at some of the best shots from one of the previous Local Brand Booster initiatives.

How can I join? 

The Local Brand Booster has an open door policy - meaning anyone can join and benefit. All you have to do:

- Be consistently using paid social media ads (at least one live ad per month)
- Be using video in your paid social media ads
- Be happy for RE/MAX Europe to contact you to be a Best Practice example

Simply email marketing@remax.eu with the following information:

- Your Facebook Business page name
- Your email address
- Your full name, brokerage and region 

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