Agents! Embrace digital and keep clients happy remotely

There are multiple ways you can carry on servicing the needs of your clients whilst being forced to work from a remote location. Read on to find out how you can continue to provide excellent customer experience to your buyers, sellers and your community as a whole during these difficult times.


One of the biggest challenges in the current situation is showing properties to potential buyers. It’s all about leaning into new technologies and keeping the lines of communication open with your buyers. Real estate will continue to be sold, and it may as well be by you!

If you are able to visit the property personally without endangering your own health or the health of others, use tools such as Facebook Live and Instagram Live to replace any open house events you may have had to cancel. Promote these upcoming live events via your social channels to encourage digital participation. Make sure you have a system in place to handle any questions during the broadcast.

Consider implementing 360-degree photo tours of your listings. Take the opportunity during any existing recently rescheduled viewings or listing appointments to take 360-degree photos to act as a virtual tour for buyers. If you are not allowed to leave your home, or you do not have the technology to create 360 images, you could also use any existing videos or images of the listing to create a room-to-room image gallery. Even better is that Facebook now allows you to post multiple videos in one gallery in the same way you can for photos. Perfect to give a thorough walk-through experience for your social media audiences.



Keeping sellers up to date and most importantly, keeping them calm, is going to be an even larger part of your day to day from now on. Now is the time when sellers will be worried about a drop in interest in their property, low-ball offers, fears the property market will slow down – anything! You need to use this as an opportunity to call all your existing sellers and give them regular updates. If there is nothing to update them on, then tell them that! No news is certainly not good news in the current climate.

This is also a time when you should be thinking about prospecting. People will be at home during this period and checking social media accounts regularly. Get in contact with your existing prospects to make sure they are ok, and to maintain a good relationship with them. You will want to stay on good terms with them should they consider selling at some point down the line.


Stay at the heart of your community

Keeping you clients happy is not just about communicating with buyers and sellers. A RE/MAX Agent should be at the heart of their community. With that in mind, consider what you can do to add value for your neighbours whilst in lockdown. Can you provide a shopping service for those who are isolated and alone? Perhaps you can provide regular positive video messages to boost morale in your community? All these things go a long way to serving the psychological needs of your clients and customers.


Utilize paid social ads

Finally, consider keeping in touch with any new potential clients or agents with a series of paid social advertising targeted specifically to your area. It is very important not to exploit the situation, as this will certainly do more harm than good to your business. Put money behind positive morale boosting messages, materials that show the value of a strong network or content that places you or your office at the heart of your community.

Above all you should keep busy, stay healthy and keep in regular contact with your clients. It is our attitude which defines how successfully we will emerge from this crisis, and our attitude is what our clients will remember long after this difficult period has passed.

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