Throughout a turbulent 2020 the real estate market has proven to be crisis-resistant on numerous occasions (European Survey: The Impact Of COVID-19) with real estate continuing to be a good long-term investment going into 2021. RE/MAX Agents in particular have adapted quickly to a rapidly changing environment in the market and can look forward to using what they have learnt to increase business in 2021.

One of the most wide-spread improvements in the RE/MAX Europe network has been an increase in listing quality. While most of us anticipate a socially distanced Holiday season (meaning fewer opportunities for open houses) the importance of great online listings will continue to rise into the new year.

While listing quality has been steadily rising across all regions, there is still plenty of opportunity for RE/MAX Agents to leverage home staging to further improve the images and videos attached to their properties. In this article we’re going to share a few of our Yule Tide tips.

1. Use your Christmas tree as a magical focal point


2. Use handy crafts and other 'homemade' accessories


3. Turn the bedroom into a dreamland retreat with soft materials


4. Give your listing that wow-factor with outdoor accessories.


5. Immediately set the mood with a sparkling entry way


6. Use found materials to add local flavour and create talking points


7. Counterbalance your local touches with modern metallics


8. Lean into the winter feeling with oversized blankets and board games


What are your Holiday season home staging tips? Do you have any go-to items you can’t put your listing live without? Be sure to comment and share on social media and follow all our channels for more content from the RE/MAX Europe network.

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