It's competition time! Agents, this is your time to shine!

RE/MAX Europe is looking for the best self-promotion videos out there. And we’re absolutely sure there is plenty of self-promotional talent within our European RE/MAX network!

Step 1: Shoot a video that helps you achieve 4more appointments per week!
Step 2: Post it on Facebook using our ready-to-use social media post text (see below)
Step 3: 
Be sure to tag RE/MAX Europe in the post and use the hashtag #remaxeurope
Step 4: Tag four more RE/MAX Agents and challenge them to make a video of their own!

Please post your video on your Facebook page by 15 October 23:00 (CEST) tagging RE/MAX Europe.

By doing so you are automatically taking part in the competition. We leave it entirely up to you whether you prefer to shoot your video in English or your local language. If you shoot the video in your local language, we’re happy to include English subtitles if you make it down to the final 3 nominees!

Use the following social media text:

"It's time to show off your skills! Check out my entry for the #remaxeurope video challenge and discover the expertise I bring to my customers every day! Now it's your turn - I nominate [CHOOSE 4MORE AGENTS] to show off your skills! and tag RE/MX Europe!"


Need a little inspiration to get you started? Here are some video ideas you might be able to use to promote yourself:

  • Shoot a promotion video that showcases your expertise and skills and explain with short striking statements why buyers and sellers should choose you!

  • Shoot a market update video where you give viewers a quick summary of all relevant real estate news and trends in your local area. Don’t forget to make sure your personality shines through!

  • Invite one of your happiest customers and shoot a testimonial video with them, asking them in a short informal interview why they would recommend working with you!

  • Take the viewer on a tour around your neighborhood and showcase your local market expertise by pointing out all the local must-see attractions!



You don’t need a professional video team to shoot your film. We’re not looking for Hollywood movie quality! We’re looking for outstanding content and the most creative ideas on how to secure 4more meetings a week. 

Please make sure though that the audio and image quality is good enough for your message to come across clearly. Please avoid windy locations or too much shade/sunlight on their face.

And just one more thing: the video should be no longer than 5 minutes.


1ST PLACE - The title “Customer Champion 2020” –  with a commemorative logo they can include within their marketing materials

1ST PLACE - A Rico Brand Camera

2ND & 3RD PLACE - €100 Amazon voucher

ALL PLACES - Visibility, visibility, visibility:  You can be sure that the entire European RE/MAX network will know your name!

How will the winners be selected?

RE/MAX Europe will select 3 nominees from all videos submitted, which will then be posted by 15 October at 11:00 pm! The 3 Agents selected will be contacted directly by RE/MAX Europe and will be asked to provide their video as an MP4 file.

In the week of 26 – 30 October, we will publish the 3 nominated videos on our RE/MAX European Facebook Channel, one day after the other. The video that receives the highest number of likes, shares and comments within the first 24 hours of it being posted will win the competition.

The winner will be announced in the last campaign newsletter, which will be sent out on 11 November to all European Agents.

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