Need help staging your home? RE/MAX Agents are here to help!

RE/MAX agents have not stopped providing their customers with a quality service using the latest technologies. As a seller we know you’re still out there ready to close a deal on your home and right now you may be thinking about the best way to stage your home for a sale.

If this is the case, RE/MAX agents are here to help and educate you on how you can stage your home using e-consultations or virtual meetings. Leveraging some of the latest trends available to real estate, our agents continue to provide service to homeowners without setting foot on their property.

When it comes to dressing and staging a home for sale, you may think this can only be done in person. Actually, the entire process can be handled by one of our trained agents from start to finish, and completely online. Here’s how it works:



The first thing you will need to do with your RE/MAX Agent is set up a virtual consultation. There are plenty of options to choose from such as Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or video calling using WhatsApp. Our agents are happy to speak with you using your preferred method.




2. Get your photos or video ready so your RE/MAX Agent can help

For your RE/MAX Agent to get an idea of the layout of your property, and for them to provide you with expert staging advice, they will need to see photos of your home’s interior. It is important to send photos of each room to your agent including any doorways, corners and unique features.

In order to receive staging advice for your home in real time, the best option is to organize a video call or virtual meeting. This will require you to organize a virtual tour of your home for your RE/MAX Agent. Be sure to plan your route thoroughly, the more your Agent sees the better, and be sure to point out anything you feel would be a selling point to buyers. 

During the walkthrough your RE/MAX Agent will share suggestions with you on how to get the most out of each room and what staging techniques you should consider. You will need to take notes or record the call for reference later.


3. Implementing your Agent’s suggestions

If you decided to use photos to show your home, your RE/MAX Agent will then prepare a comprehensive to-do list which you will need to implement. If you need any assistance in implementing the suggestions, your RE/MAX Agent can visit you at your property following all necessary health and safety precautions.



4. the follow-up

Staging is all about getting your house looking its best in the eyes of a majority of people. What may be the perfect interior for you may not be to everybody’s taste. If you feel your home would attract more interest with some wall hangings, an extra sofa or table with flowers, your RE/MAX Agent can source these items for you.Items are typically provided for a monthly use fee, and they’re picked up once the house is under contract and when it’s safe to do so.

As with each step of the process, this can all be handled virtually, ensuring that both you and your Agent can follow all relevant safety procedures and complete the process with zero contact. Alternatively your RE/MAX Agent can provide you with a ‘shopping list’ of items you can rent or purchase yourself, along with recommendations on where to pick them up.


5. Share the finished look

After all the suggestions have been implemented, you can send the photos of your staged home to your RE/MAX Agent or organize another walk through to show them your work. If your Agent has any further suggestions or changes, this can be handled directly as before. This also keeps the risk of coming into contact at zero whilst saving time for both parties.

Involving your Agent in the staging process also provides you with some objective feedback on your home, which can be vital when trying to make it as attractive as possible.

It also helps preserve the relationship between you and your seller as it’s important that listing agents don’t put themselves in the position of being seen as “critics” of their clients’ home and allow the stager to deliver the messages the owner needs to hear from an objective third party. 

Until this crisis is over, finding creative ways to continue to serve your clients is necessary. We are fortunate that most services can be provided using technology that we use and know today.

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