Helping to sell the marital home after a divorce

It's one of the most challenging parts of a realtor’s job. The home will be full of sentimental value, and the situation is likely to be very emotionally charged. However, with the right mindset and by providing clear, impartial advice you can help make the process a painless one.

1) Get the sale done first!

If you can, try to persuade your clients to deal with selling the house before going through the potentially messy process of filing for divorce. Not only is it better to get the ball rolling on the sale sooner rather than later, it also avoids the property being used as leverage.

2) More than just bricks and mortar

You client (or clients) will quite understandably have an emotional connection to their home and may be reluctant to let go. There may also be some discussion over who has a right to what. It is important to make them see that fighting over the sale of the home will only cost time and money. Best to simply make the sale and move on.

3) Leave emotions at the door

Possibly the hardest piece of advice to put into practice in this situation. If you can convince your clients to take personal feelings out of the equation, they are halfway to making the best possible financial situation. Try to help them understand that emotions will change over time, but decisions made in the moment will remain with them for years to come.

4) Let numbers lead the way

A client who is motivated to finish divorce proceedings as quickly as possible will do anything to get the sale over the line – this includes accepting the first low offer than gets made. Just because an offer is low doesn’t mean it’s a bad offer and waiting might do more harm than good. Divorcing clients are likely to still be in fight mode and a low offer may be a new reason to disagree. Be clear with them about what the numbers are telling them. This may be their best offer!

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