Or a low maintenance rental property in the heart of Europe's bustling cities?

Let your imagination run wild as you browse RE/MAX pages across the continent and see what's out there for your budget. Having a cosmopolitain bolthole could be easier than you think. Swipe through the galleries below and let RE/MAX take you on a tour of mini apartments across Europe!


PARIS, FRANCE - 30 square meters

This Parisian mini-apartment with its classic appeal speaks to all the romantics. Perhaps you could hold up in here and finish your first novel. How about opening those big bright windows and serenading your neighbours with jazz from a small record player. Perhaps it is just a sanctuary away from a bustling metropolis, cooking breakfast on a rainy Sunday morning. Whatever your fantasy, this elegantly proportioned bachelor pad provides the perfect backdrop. 

 As with most property in the French capital, this one is no longer on the market!


Ever wanted a chic pocket sized place in one of Europe's most sought after holiday destinations? This adorable 25 square meter property is bursting with charm and within a stones throw of Santa Cruz town center. Coming in at well under 100k Euros, this ideal holiday rental property promises at least a 7% return on investment. Or simply an excellent place to stay and enjoy the sun.




Slightly larger than its previous Spanish counterpart, this pint-sized pad can be found in Helsinki's northern district of Sörnäinen. Nested in a beautiful apartment building constructed in 1927, this Scandinavian hideaway offers all the benefits of residing in one of the world's most liveable countries, on a very affordable scale. Sleeping area, living area, kitchen, bathroom and hallway have all been skilfully distributed over its tiny floor plan. Take a look now. 




The largest on our list, this apartment in Hungary's exciting capital Budapest packs a lot into just 36 square meters. Situated almost in the heart of the Hungarian capital, this apartment is found in a renovated 1800s building, with private courtyard and fountain. With transport links to the rest of Europe just a stone's throw away and leafy green spaces nearby, this could be your perfect get away for a fraction of the cost of other apartments on this list.



Whether you’re looking for the perfect tiny house, a brand-new build, your next DIY project or investment opportunity, your local RE/MAX Agent is here to help. Take a look at our regional pages and learn more about RE/MAX and the property market in your area. Happy house hunting!

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