It's Christmas...all over

You won’t speak to anyone unless they’re wearing a Christmas jumper – in November!

We get it, the Holidays can be a great time of celebration and relaxation. But please don’t lose sight of the fact that Christmas is not to everyone’s taste and you should not lose your business focus as soon as November 1st rolls around. The time before the Holidays is the moment to really keep committed to your daily routine (it’s worked so far this year, right!)


You begin to identify strongly with characters such as Scrooge or the Grinch

Being too into the Christmas spirit to keep focused is one thing, but what is just as bad is not having any holiday spirit at all. Allow yourself to re-arrange your hours, so you can balance parties, shopping or family time with work. Thank customers for all their loyalty and let them know there may be a delay in responses to emails and calls until the new year.


You’ve been using vanilla scented candles at your Open House events for weeks

It’s important to make good first impression with all of your listings and putting in little touches like spiced scents or complimentary lighting can really go the extra mile. Once your Christmas accessories are no longer appropriate, check out the RE/MAX Marketing Center for loads more ideas on how to take your offline events to the next level.


Your fingers are aching from wrapping so many corporate gifts.

Yes, we’ve all been there. If you see one more tape gun or excel sheet with business addresses delicately aligned to fit the printer, you will scream. But rest assured adding a personal touch and keeping a good relationship going with your clients and prospects will pay dividends moving into the new year.


You’ve bought a seasonal flavored latte every day this week.

As the days towards the Holidays wind down into single digits, it’s worthwhile adding some extra spice to your daily routine – sometimes literally! Reward yourself and your staff with seasonal treats if they reach daily (achievable) targets. A little goes a long way and you will want to end the year with your colleagues on a high note.

We wish all RE/MAX associates a happy holiday season and a successful 2020!


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