Listing not getting the attention it deserves?

Every house, from the most luxurious beach side residence to the average suburban semi-detached deserves the time and attention of a marketing plan which shows off (but does not over-promise) the property.

A seller must be prepared to take the time to create a well-rounded marketing plan which considers both on and offline activites, and cuts through the noise. By following these five steps you will be well on your way to standing out from the crowd and getting your phone ringing.

1. Photograph your home from front, back and above!

Most buyers will begin their search for a new home online, which means high quality images are a must. This goes beyond taking a bright and colourful picture of the front of the property. Potential buyers now expect to see additional exterior shots both during the day and at night. They also want to explore any out-buildings or attached land before considering a viewing. If your property is by water or an area of interest for your buyers, consider hiring a drone photographer to capture the surrounding location to grab attention.

2. Create a virtual tour – not just for luxury listings

Keep potential buyers interested in your listing for longer with a 360-degree virtual tour of the property. Think how frustrating it is trying to piece together a floorplan as a buyer from just a few low resolution images. Make sure your buyers know exactly where they are at all times and provide them with the smoothest possible experience. Make sure the interior of the property has been correctly staged and is lit to show off its best features.

3. Plan your print advertising campaign

As important as online activities are, don’t neglect more traditional ways of reaching potential buyers. Print advertising will reach people who read local newspapers or magazines while online ads take care of the rest. Put ads in all the local daily newspapers in your area and consider buying advertising space on bus stops and other public places where property listings can be found. Make sure you set a budget and have a good idea of your target audience before calling any advertisers or newspapers.

4. Build a list of potential buyers and send out e-flyers

Using emailing tools such as mailchimp it is now possible to compile a list of potential buyers, brokers and agents representing buyers in your area and send them regular updates about the sale of your property. Emailing tools are usually free and easy to use, however there is a certain amount of time outlay required building a relevant newsletter list. Be sure to gain permission to add each newsletter recipient to your list.

5. Direct snail mail

In a digital world sometimes the personal touch of a letter or postcard can cut through the noise. Consider designing your own calling card for your property including images and key information for potential buyers. Mailing lists are available from real estate brokers (usually for a fee if you are unrepresented) and can be an excellent way to target high potential buyers or even invite them personally to an open house.

If you are not blessed with time or resources to cover all of these marketing ideas, why not consider hiring a RE/MAX Agent to handle the marketing side of things for you? A RE/MAX Agent is trained in the latest digital and offline marketing techniques for real estate with the experience and name of a realtor you can trust.

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