Real estate is one of the safest investments a person can make. When you find a property with real potential at an affordable price, a positive return on that investment can seem even more possible. While there are reasons to be cautious when looking out for ‘fixer upper’ bargains, if you know what you’re looking for the return can be substantial.

As a general rule of thumb, an increase in value of 7% is generally considered a good return on investment. Across Europe, a conservative estimate will show that house prices are rising on average at 3.7% per year.

We’ve taken a look across the RE/MAX Europe network to find 5 of the best investment opportunities for under 300,000 Euros. This small selection of what is out there, should inspire you to think outside the box when it comes to your next (or first) investment location.


While the Austrian capital sits at the crossroads of Europe and enjoys a rich history as a cultural and business center, it is still possible to catch a bargain. Rental yields are not the highest in Europe (2.25%), house prices have increased more than 88% in the last 10 years. This 41m² ‘Altbau’ apartment is a perfect example of the long-term investment potential of Europe’s music capital.

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In contrast to Vienna, properties in the Irish capital see an average rental yield of 7.09% with buying costs and income tax on rental properties being considerably lower. Dublin is experiencing something of a rebirth as a digital and business hub for large multinationals, meaning many young professional renters are flocking to the port city for work and a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

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Where else in Europe can you buy a fully renovated old-style apartment in the center of a bustling capital city for around 130,000 Euros? Budapest has long been rated one of the best investment hot spots on the continent and with this 60m² apartment, just a stone’s throw from the beautiful river Danube, it’s easy to see why.

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Do you fancy something a little closer to the sea or feel a famously liberally minded country is more your style? The Netherlands have also been listed by many as a fantastic investment opportunity for both by-to-let and longer-term properties. While cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam may be less attractive to investors with sky-rocketing prices, areas such as the Hague still offer something to work with for most buyers.

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Situated on the northeast corner of continental Europe, Tallinn has entered the popular consciousness as a country with an emerging digital presence, an increasingly pro-European attitude and an up-and-coming location for many remote working professionals looking for an affordable rental opportunity off the beaten track. The Estonian capital has a number of well-priced properties just waiting for the right investor to make a move, such as this 45m² apartment.

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Whatever your investment budget, RE/MAX is your perfect partner to find the right opportunity across Europe. With over 29,000 agents active in 40 countries, RE/MAX specializes in agent cooperation across boarders and can assist with every step of the buying process. Get in touch with your local agent today and find out what’s out there

Please Note: While RE/MAX Europe has compiled the information on this page diligently and to the best of its knowledge, RE/MAX Europe does not assume any liability for the accuracy of the information or for any damages resulting from the use of the information.

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