The latest technology is not just bringing listings to life, it’s revolutionizing the real estate industry.
We’re all paying more attention to how we spend our time these days. For buyers, this means they are reluctant to visit a property until they’re certain that they’re really interested. Instead, they want to get as much information as possible about the property in advance. Providing full listing information is critical, but being able to give clients the opportunity to walk through the property online and inspect every room in detail has become an important way to provide the best possible customer experience.

Of course, trying out new technology can be overwhelming with so many products on the market. So read on to find our recommendations for choosing the tools that will help you bring your listings to life in 360 degrees:


Which software platform should I choose?

The market for 360 tour providers is huge, and there are a lot of great services out there. To help you make your choice, we conducted an in-depth analysis and have narrowed the field down to three providers that we highly recommend. Each provides various advantages to suit your particular business:


EyeSpy 360

About the company:

EyeSpy360 is a UK-based company that launched in 2016. Since then, it has grown to include clients in nearly 50 countries around the world.

Platform focus:

Specializing in simple user experiences, Eyespy360 offers a comprehensive list of features and the most modern platform including video calls for virtual showings (EyeSpy Live) that can also be recorded (EyeSpy Play).

Check it out:

The dollhouse feature allows users to zoom into any room of the property from an outside 3D view, and tours can be easily enhanced with 2D images of details.



About the company:

Based in Germany, Immoviewer is the European leader for virtual tours with customers in nine countries, and customer support available in German, English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

Platform focus:

Immoviewer offers a powerful software platform that combines automated video content creation and individual listing landing pages with simple, affordable and scalable 360° 3D tours and automated floor plan creation.

Check it out:

Immoviewer also allows you to create virtual viewings to guide your clients through a property from anywhere at any time.



About the company:

Boxbrownie is an Australia-based company with customers all over the world. They are well known for their image editing services.

Platform focus:

The main focus is on-demand image editing with a wide range of services: image enhancement, virtual staging, item removal, floor plan redraws, day to dusk conversion and more. Now with their virtual tours, you only need to upload your pictures to their platform.

Check it out:

They are the only vendor without a subscription fee. In addition, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with unlimited changes and a 24-hour customer service.


Which 360 camera should I buy?

All the above platforms support pictures from any 360 cameras, and there are a lot of 360 cameras on the market to choose from. The price difference between them is huge, ranging from €100 to several thousand euros. After researching popular models and surveying our RE/MAX network, we found that the Ricoh Theta series stands out for many reasons.

They offer good image quality throughout their whole range of cameras and they offer a great form factor – or how the features are arranged on the camera body. Plus, the Ricoh Theta series cameras are lightweight and easy to use.

There are three main models in the series:

Recommended model: Theta V

We recommend this model for its large storage capacity and great image quality, plus it includes key features such as image stabilization and Bluetooth connection.

Budget model: Theta SC

This lower-cost camera still offers good image quality, but you’ll miss out on more advanced features like image stabilization, Bluetooth connection and storage capacity.

High-end model: Theta Z1

This top-of-the-line model has a bigger sensor, better lens and higher resolution. It’s also the only model that offers an advanced RAW mode which produces uncompressed image data.

Of course, there are many alternative products on the market that have received good reviews. In particular, GoPro Fusion and GoPro Max, Insta 360 models and Garmin Virb all have very strong ratings.

There is also a hardware kit for iPhone, called VR Kit, that comes with a wide angle lens adapter and a rotator for about €100. However, while reviews say the picture quality is decent, the price difference between a camera like the Theta SC and the VR Kit is negligible so you’ll be better off with a dedicated camera instead.

Now that you’ve seen what these cameras and platforms can do, it’s time to try it out!

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