Happens to the best of us!

OK, so you love your job. You put in 12 hours days and still feel like you don’t work a day in your life. You’re a top performer and slowing down is not your style. Unfortunately, sooner or later your body will not agree with you and you will burn out. Follow these four simple steps to avoid agent burnout. If you can get more out of yourself, you will get more out of your business!

1) Set Boundaries

Being a real estate agent means you have to be flexible with your schedule and often work when everyone else is at leisure. That doesn’t mean you can’t set some boundaries with your colleagues and clients. Being available after your client has finished work at 5:30pm is part of the business, but it’s also perfectly fine to not take appointments after 7pm or answer your phone after 8pm.

2) Automate Your Business

Setting some clear and regular boundaries doesn’t mean your client’s customer experience needs to suffer. Take advantage of some of the task automation services out there to let your clients know exactly when and how you will get back to them. Consider setting up a chatbot for your Facebook or WhatsApp messages for example or schedule your social media communications using a content aggregator like Buffer.

3) Practice Mindfulness

Take a few minutes every day to concentrate on the values you see as important. This could be through exercise, meditation or keeping a journal. If you begin your day in a rush, you will be in that rush all day. Take 30 minutes of self-reflection each morning and give yourself time to ease into your routine.

4) Know When To Ask For Help

Most Agents, Broker Owners and Regional Directors have got to where they are in life through their own hard work, ingenuity and business know-how. These are all great things but it does mean they are unlikely to give up control. There comes a time in every successful career when the demand on your time (regardless how efficient you are) outstrips the time you can supply to certain tasks. If you are at that crossroads, hire an assistant or build out your team before things get too much. Learn the art of delegation!

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