Everyone in our industry knows that obtaining real estate leads can be an expensive and time consuming business. Many agent's go-to tactics include cold-calling, prospecting through conversations, paid social media ads, content marketing and building referrals. But if you have a website, you could be sitting on an untapped source of leads.

Your website should be a tool in your business that allows you to convert visitors into interested leads who will become customers and, later on, advocate for the services you provide.

Here are five easy ways to optimize your site for lead generation.

Add forms to the pages that get the most traffic

To do this, use your website analytics to find out where most of your online traffic is coming from - these are called lead generators. Usually, most website traffic will come from newsletters, social media, and blog posts but traffic can also come from search engines, paid ads or elsewhere on the web. It's important to keep an eye on where your traffic comes from. As this may change and shift over time, you will need to pivot accordingly. Once you have identified where your leads are coming from, make sure you follow these three steps: 

1. Make sure the landing page you want people to land on is doing everything it can to live up to your visitor's expectations. Think of it as an extension to your paid ads. A consistent experience is key.

2. Make sure you add forms to those most visited pages to gather information. These can include sign-up forms for a newsletter, registering for a free consultation or simply booking a call.

3. Design these forms to encourage your website visitors to give you their information.

For first-time homebuyers you could ask questions like:
- Are you pre-approved?
- What's your budget?

At the same time, make sure that you have questions that concern second homebuyers, like:
- Is this an investment property? 
- Is this a vacation home?

With customized questions, your visitors are much more likely to hit the submit button.


Focus on getting people to register on your database

Your website design must be centered on user experience. This means you need to create a space that's easy for your visitors to access, understand, and navigate. Think about the homepage of Google. There is one box to search and two buttons to click (and those aren't strictly necessary). Know what it is your visitors want to do on your website and give it to them within 5 seconds. This will set your website apart from competitors who are more concerned about showing off than providing value, and therefore increase your traffic and your customer base.

A good example from the RE/MAX network is Andreia and Miguel from RE/MAX Portugal. They have a simple no fuss website designed to get people in touch with them as quickly as possible: https://www.andreia-miguel.com/en/

This way of positioning your message also applies when getting qualified prospects to register their interest in your services by subscribing to your newsletter or following your business on social media. 

As part of your user experience, make sure that your website has different ways for people to contact you and schedule appointments without ever having to wait for a reply. A sign up form is a traditional way of doing this, but why not surprise your customers by adding an online appointment scheduling service to your website such as Calendly.


Click to calls

Make your phone numbers on your website clickable. Add your phone numbers to all your pages in the footer, and in your navigation bar. Use contrasting colors from your site to help the number to stand out. Why do you think Tom Ferry uses those big orange buttons?

Making your phone numbers stand out in this way is important because at least half of your website visitors view your website on their phones. We know that without even having to look at your analytics. If they want to get in touch with you all they have to do is click on your phone number and done! This way, potential customers don’t have to spend so much time on your website searching for ways to contact you. 

You may have heard people say time on site is a good thing. That is more relevant for content-based websites. In terms of generating leads for real estate, you want to get them on your site, get them informed about your services and get them an appointment.


Create Moving Guides on your website 

If you already created a base on content creation, use your hard work to create a downloadable resource for your website visitors.

Examples of this can be people that are relocation to your area - they will need a guide about moving to your city. In that guide, add the cost for renting and buying, profiles of the neighborhoods, information about schools, jobs, and healthcare. People who are in the process of moving to a new city or country need these pieces of information.

At the same time, your web developer needs to create lead capture options when these potential customers download the guide.


Use pop-ups to get more engagement

Pop-ups and welcome gates are great ways to boost the number of leads that come from your website. You may have seen these on other websites you have visited, where after a few seconds a pop-up appears asking you to join a newsletter or download a PDF resource in exchange for an email address. Many people reading this may find these pop-ups ineffective or even annoying, but the top digital marketing sites agree - they convert!

Before enabling a pop up on your website, consider these guidelines to reduce friction:

  • Disable them for mobile: No one wants pop-ups on a mobile screen. 
  • Offer something valuable: You will need a good excuse to justify interrupting a user's experience.
  • Take your time: Don’t trigger the pop-up whilst the page is loading. Give users a chance to view your page before you ask them to perform an action.
  • Make them easy to close: Don’t force users to click a tiny ‘x’ to close your pop-up. Allow them to close the pop-up without having to give any information if they don't want to.
  • Make it fun: Be sure to use the language you would use face to face such as 'hey there!' or 'whilst you're here' and not 'download our PDF now'.

Be sure to try these simple strategies to capture more leads from your website. Once you have done that, you will acquire an unlimited flow of qualified leads to allow your web business to thrive. 

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