Building your personal brand? Here's what to consider.

In this day and age, and especially as we have all had to go digital in a big way recently, it should go without saying that real estate marketing is critical to your business. It is the first point of contact clients will have with you and should speak loudly and clearly about your approach. With all the website builders and content syndication tools out there, anyone can have a flashy website and frequent social media presence. However, if the story you want your customers to go on is not genuine, they will soon switch off.

If you can create a story via your marketing which customers can tell is genuine, they are more likely to create a strong connection with you as a person. As a RE/MAX Agent you’re already in a great position to leverage the name and power of the world’s largest real estate brand – so take advantage of that and add your own personality on top!

In order to focus in on what makes your story a compelling brand narrative, take a look at these five areas:


1.  SET your core values 

These values don’t move and everything is built around them. By always having a set of core values to refer back to, you consistently and confidently tell the world what your brand character is all about. This is a huge part of why people will refer you to friends and relatives, so it’s worth taking the time to figure out what these are.


These words should be at the forefront of your marketing real estate. That means they should be visible on your website landing page, social media accounts and any print materials you create. You should use powerful and positive language but try to avoid clichés such as ‘dependable’ or ‘passionate’. People expect you to be both those things anyway and want to know more about your unique style.



This should be your quick pitch to act as a jumping off point from which your brand can evolve. You should hit up your winning words and also your core values in a voice which is your own. Don’t be afraid to let your personality out or dial certain elements of it up to 11. You are much more likely to build connections with those you want to do business with that way.

4.  live your story everywhere 

In order for your brand to be genuine you need to follow through on your words with action. If you are the living embodiment of your values and your story then your customers will know you are the real deal, someone they can trust and someone who is able to deliver a high-level customer experience. If your brand is strongly linked to your natural personality, this part of the job should be relatively easy to maintain and a lot of fun too.


Make sure negativity does not feature in your brand story. Of course, it would be insincere to pretend you are completely free of negative experiences or tendencies but try to turn them around into positive attributes. Look for ways in which customers can feel good around you and your brand.

With these principles supporting a modern and user friendly website, an engaging social media presence and the power of the RE/MAX brand your business is well on its way to becoming a local leader in the real estate industry. 

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