Leiden, Netherlands

Gijs de Kok, Real Estate Agent

It is all about geographic farming

RE/MAX was there for me at the right time and at the right place. I wanted to start a business, but not by myself. So when a new RE/MAX office opened 500 meters from my house, I was the first agent who joined. It was an exciting time to work in a growing office.

In the first few years, I did everything on my own. Now I have a team with two employees and the work is done quicker and I can do all the things I really love. Working in a team and being part of a big family, you can share ideas with everyone else in the network. The world is getting smaller and smaller, so it is great to work in a competitive environment with a big worldwide brand.

Best Business Practice:
It is all about geographic farming. I work in the area where I live, my children go to school in the same area and my wife has a beauty salon here. All of that helps to make me the expert in the area, so I sell more than 50\% in the area I live.

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