Torino, Italy

Pier Nicola Matricardi, Broker/Owner

RE/MAX truly means real estate maximums – in every sense

RE/MAX has completely changed my way of working in real estate – now I love what I’m doing! The main advantage of working with RE/MAX is that you are independent but not alone. It’s the best system to reduce costs, increase profits and give premium service to your customers. To me, RE/MAX truly means real estate maximums – in every sense. I am proud to be part of REMAX and the worldwide network behind it.

Best Business Practice: Arrange a professional photo shoot of a new house, create a detailed brochure and distribute leaflets as soon as it is listed. Keep detailed reports on all of your activities. Following these steps, together with all of my RE/MAX training, has made me one of the top 50 agents in Italy.

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I’m a very strong believer in a thing called “The law of attraction”.

My career in RE/MAX began in June 2010 when I was 23 years old. At that age, I had never even owned my own apartment, so this new job was really outside of my comfort zone! My colleagues probably wondered, “What is this youngster doing in the real es...

I joined RE/MAX 13 years ago.

I wanted to run my own business independently and RE/MAX was the perfect solution for me. I started out as an Agent and after about a year I ended up buying the office that I worked in! Since then I’ve closed countless transactions and helped many fa...

Build on your past successes!

There is nothing better than seeing the happiness of my clients when they become owners! And joining RE/MAX means joining family – one that’s focused on creating that kind of customer happiness. There are so many training courses available – which i...

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