Torino, Italy

Pier Nicola Matricardi, Broker/Owner

RE/MAX truly means real estate maximums – in every sense

RE/MAX has completely changed my way of working in real estate – now I love what I’m doing! The main advantage of working with RE/MAX is that you are independent but not alone. It’s the best system to reduce costs, increase profits and give premium service to your customers. To me, RE/MAX truly means real estate maximums – in every sense. I am proud to be part of REMAX and the worldwide network behind it.

Best Business Practice: Arrange a professional photo shoot of a new house, create a detailed brochure and distribute leaflets as soon as it is listed. Keep detailed reports on all of your activities. Following these steps, together with all of my RE/MAX training, has made me one of the top 50 agents in Italy.

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I believe in doing a great job that can’t be ignored

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More than anything, RE/MAX improved me as a person

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I was first attracted to RE/MAX by its structure,

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