Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Elhorry Zunino, Real Estate Agent

Success to me is having clients approach me in the supermarket for advice

Problem solving like a true entrepreneur should be what you love when entering the real estate industry. Rethinking your personal brand every day is a challenge, but if you love innovation and aspire to be a thought leader in the industry, RE/MAX is the best company to see you down that path.

RE/MAX’s steadfast knowledge base – available to you from the start – gave me the sense that I was surrounded by the best of the best. This sense of belonging is further felt through the recognition you receive for your efforts. RE/MAX celebrated the 7-day weeks I put in by naming me Best RE/MAX Agent in my country.

Best Business Practice: Being a local Ambassador means understanding that you need to develop and harness your personal brand within the RE/MAX brand. Utilize the Marketing Center to promote yourself, since the tool provides a huge selection of easy-to-use templates and guidelines to ensure you're reaching your potential clients. Success to me is having clients approach me in the supermarket for advice.

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