Tallinn, Estonia

Erki Sepa, Broker/Owner

RE/MAX helped me reach this new height

Reaching for the sky is what I do. This was a part of daily life during my decade as a flight instructor. But my dream though was to own my own business, and RE/MAX helped me reach this new height. 

A lot of why we don't accomplish the things we want to do has to do with fear. The comprehensive training RE/MAX offered me was critical in pushing aside doubts of whether I'd be good at real estate, and in allowing me to grow from an agent to broker/owner in just five years.

Best Business Practice: When you love what you do, not only does this benefit yourself, but also your clients. I have so many satisfied clients that I operate solely based on their recommendations and no longer need to advertise myself.

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Every day I thank RE/MAX for the opportunity that was given to me.

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The moment I teamed up with RE/MAX,

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