Lahti, Finland

Jouni Soininen, Real Estate Agent

RE/MAX is truly the way to go!

Real estate had never seemed like a viable career option, because I didn’t think I would be good enough. Although I’d worked for over 15 years in customer service and sales, I’d never really felt confident in myself or my abilities.

But when I finally got my head around the concept of the RE/MAX family, I knew I’d found something unique and amazing! With guidance and support from my office owner and my fellow Team Focus members, I finally started to see things differently. Not only did I learn to see myself in a positive light at work, but my whole outlook on life changed for the better. I really have experienced a RE/MAX awakening.

In the past I had jobs – now I have a way of life. I used to work with people – now I have a family.

Thanks to the Marketing Center, RE/MAX has – by far – the highest quality materials in use. The printed materials are top of the line and our digital tools have been built especially for the local market, so the entire customer experience is simply superior to our competition’s. RE/MAX is truly the way to go.

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