Leidschendam, Netherlands

Marco Sark, Real Estate Agent

I’ll sell your house in 149 days

I almost didn’t go into real estate. My first two meetings with agents gave me such a bad impression of their businesses that I thought – it’s got to be better than this! Then I met a RE/MAX agent who finally had a plan. Not long after that, I was ready to make a career switch.
Six years later, my marketing and sales plan is still bringing me success. My own drive, along with the coaching and training from RE/MAX, helped me be a better agent. But having the support of the entire RE/MAX family has helped me to become an outstanding one!

What helped me the most in my first five years was to make my customers this promise, “I’ll sell your house in 149 days – or you get a refund of €1500!” And in the current market, I’ve introduced a free one-hour training on how to buy property. Two out of three times, these meetings end with the client signing the buyers agent contract.

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