Dudelange, Luxembourg

Philippe Vogt, Broker/Owner

I graduated in Marketing several years ago

and went on to hold various interesting positions. But I never found a job where I felt like I could see myself continuing in that job for years to come or possibly even for a lifetime.

Then the opportunity came up for me to get in contact with the people running RE/MAX Luxembourg. The RE/MAX philosophy is what I was looking for. As broker I can invest myself, build up a network with real estate Agents and build my own career. If you follow the RE/MAX strategy properly, it is actually very difficult NOT to succeed.

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In my previous job I missed having the opportunity to matter.

Right now I am in a place where I’m doing what I want to do, having a positive influence on the lives of my customers. Just one great example: during the housing market crisis in the Netherlands, I managed to sell an apartment for a customer who was ...

My personal RE/MAX story began at the end of 2004.

A friend was about to open a RE/MAX franchise in my region – in Faro, Portugal. I was keen to change my life, even though I’d never worked in this field before. Things went well, thanks to a lot of promotion amongst my circle of friends and acquainta...

I started working in the real estate sector 23 years ago.

Then, unsatisfied with my franchise employer back in 2005, I was excited by what the international RE/MAX network had to offer and decided to leave my job to become an Agent at RE/MAX Italy. I had found everything I needed to help me grow as a profes...

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